Fender FA-100 Review: Great Value Beginner Guitar

Fender FA-100 Review
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Who hasn’t heard of Fender? A brand with almost 75 years of history in making instruments, delivers instruments like the FA-100, a touch above the traditional full size entry-level guitar.

Veteran musicians and unseasoned enthusiasts know the brand by sight and name, whether for its iconic Stratocasters, snazzy jazz guitars, or melodic beginners’ strings.

Want to know about this amazing Fender starter guitar then keep reading this Fender FA-100 review.

Fender FA-100 Review

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Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Review

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at the FA 100 Dreadnought Acoustic to help you make your next guitar purchase decision.

Improved Build Quality 

The fender beginner guitar, FA-100 is one of the top choices when it comes to learning how to play for first-timers. Not to mention, it is an absolute beauty to look at, as well as feel. Simplistic, without frills, and pure in character, and charm.

Coming in different glossy and clean paint – natural, black, sunburst, and natural satin, it is minimalistic, a personal favorite as well as an idea very common at the moment. Made in jumbo or ‘dreadnought’ fashion, its full body allows maximum volume, and a bolder, rich tone when strumming.

Not to mention it’s clean, and the uncomplicated structure allows it to be less daunting and cozy in the arms of an aspiring player.

fender fa-100 acoustic guitar reviews

The natural rosewood bridge is crowned with a synthetic bone saddle and synthetic bone nut, embellished by chrome hardware and a laminated spruce top with X bracing. This amendment is very welcoming compared to the plastic you’d notice on most beginner acoustic guitars.

The neck is a simple truss rod built for string action adjustments and keeps your tuning easy, fresh, and secure. It has the standard smooth 20-finger fretboard, dotted by dot inlays.

Made with high-quality laminate spruce, and basswood, few others can boast the smoothness, richness, and density that comes with full-size structure, form, and design. It is covered with a gloss that keeps it looking shiny and fresh.

Finally, the strings are Fender’s own Dura-Tone strings, a well-seasoned favorite among professionals and beginners for their solid stable quality and ease of finesse.

Sounds Good

Let’s move on to the crux of the instrument – the sound grade. Hailed by pros and amateurs alike as arguably the finest acoustic guitar for new players, the FA-100 has clear bass-heavy tones, perfect for those nights you want to spend strumming along with your mates.

Fretting action is comfortable and relaxed, requiring no substantial effort. However be prepared for an occasional jagged strumming noise, this is something that cannot be avoided in most beginner acoustic guitars.

The overall sounds that come from the FA-100 are distinctive, as it is not usually found in beginner guitars or cheaper guitars. The sound quality is on par with Fender’s slightly more expensive lineup.

It is by no means a Player Stratocaster, but it may be just what you need as it offers an excellent robust audio projection for the materials, accompanied by the X bracing, making the total sound clean, bright, and melodic to the ear.

Good Playability

For playability, it may take some getting used to, but as it is aimed at beginners, it will stoically help you develop those strong, calloused muscles and nimble virtuoso fingers that are guaranteed to leave your crushes, enemies, and even your fickle haughty cat swooning at your crooner’s touch.

Fender FA-100 Acoustic Pack

Fender FA-100 Alternatives

Here’s the interesting part of this FA 100 starter pack review. With this bundle pack, Austin Bazaar offers you a padded gig bag with backpack straps to keep the dust, termites, and negligence away. Not to mention scratches.

An electric/digital tuner that clips onto the headstock, to keep your FA-100 dreadnought acoustic guitar tuned in and a strap, guitar strings, pick, and instructional DVD – an essential for every beginner guitarist.

Great Guitar at a Low Cost

Capping off at less than 200 dollars for the whole set, this marvelous gem is a bargain for the discerning buyer. Fender acoustic does a brilliant job playing to its strengths with the FA-100, clearly geared to the learning market with its sound quality, tone, and price.

Most acoustic guitars aimed at beginners are priced at around 400 dollars or above, but with Fender Acoustic FA-100, you are getting its premium brand status as well as its long history in building great solid instruments at less than the competitors’ cost in the traditional market.

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Fender FA 100 Acoustic: Pros and Cons


  • Affordable prices.
  • Comes in a full package.
  • Outstanding for beginners to start playing guitar.
  • Great option as a backup guitar for both professional guitarists and intermediate players.


  • Strings feel a little hard

Now, take a quick look at Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar (Video Review):

YouTube video

Alternatives To Check

Since the Fender FA 100 guitar was released more than eight years ago, this product is rarely available in most online or offline stores. If you are not willing to make an extra effort to find this entry-level guitar, then it will be wise to check something similar from the same brand.

Here we recommend two guitars as an alternative to FA-100:

Fender FA-115 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Pack, with 2-Year Warranty, Natural, with Gig Bag and Accessories
  • Dreadnought body style
  • Natural gloss finish spruce top with "X"-bracing, basswood back and sides
  • 20-fret Walnut fingerboard
  • Walnut bridge with compensated saddle

As the successor of the Fender FA 100 dreadnought acoustic guitar, this newer model the Fender FA-115 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar offers the same superb sound and exceptional value.

This guitar is beautified by a natural gloss finish and made out of the solid spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, easy-to-play nato neck with rolled edges, laminated hardwood fingerboard (20-fret), and bridge.

But you can get this beautiful-looking guitar with an Austin Bazaar bundle pack that includes a gig bag, guitar strap, clip-on tuner, picks, extra strings, etc. all nifty guitar accessories for just under the $200 price range. Truly an incredible deal for a beginner due to the low price tag.

Fender CC-60s Concert V2 Pack Acoustic Guitar, with 2-Year Warranty, Black, with Gig Bag and Accessories
  • Concert body style
  • Solid spruce top with scalloped "X"-bracing, mahogany back and sides
  • Gloss-finish mahogany neck with 20-fret walnut fingerboard
  • Walnut bridge with compensated saddle

Another beginner’s budget-friendly guitar is Fender CC-60S Beginner Concert Pack. Here again, Fender offers excellent wood/materials within budget i.e., top made of solid spruce, mahogany back and sides, 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, and bridge, etc.

Also, this starter pack includes a gig bag, fender strap, picks, and an extra set of strings. This concert body shape guitar is the perfect choice for beginners considering its tremendous value over the decent construction, good sound and looks.

Final Words

At the end of this Fender FA-100 acoustic guitar review, we want to say that, please do your research, look into your favorites and maybe give them a spin down at your local music store. Cause buying your first acoustic or even electric guitar is a daunting experience for sure.

It is your first best friend accompanying you on your musical journey. Hopefully, music will always be a part of your life forever and so will the Fender FA-100 if you choose to make this dreamy companion yours!

Check Price And Reviews on Amazon

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