15 Easy Disney Songs On Guitar For Beginners (2023)

Easy Disney Guitar Songs
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Disney is more than an entertainment company; having consistently produced the highest quality family-friendly content available for the past eight decades, it has become a significant part of American, and indeed the world’s, popular culture.

From the recent super-hit “Let it Go” back to 1937’s “Hi Ho,” Disney songs have been as popular (and sometimes even more popular) as the films for which they were written. Is it any wonder, then, that beginner guitarists should want to learn their favorite Disney songs?

Easy Disney Songs To Learn On Guitar

The following are fifteen easy Disney guitar songs for beginner guitar players:

1. It’s A Small World – Disneyland Ride

YouTube video

Before Alan Menken became Disney’s go-to composer, the Sherman Brothers wrote the music and lyrics to some of the studio’s best-loved numbers.

Among these is “It’s a Small World,” the one song on our list that was written not for a movie but for the now world-famous amusement park ride at Disney World.

Catchy, repetitive, and nearly impossible to get out of your head, this song comprises only five chords, which makes it an easy Disney song to play on guitar. It’s also a great introduction to seventh chords.

2. Colors Of The Wind – Pochohantas

YouTube video

This extremely popular ballad, featuring music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, served as the title theme to Disney’s 1995 hit Pocahontas.

A beautiful song comprising six chords, “Colors of the Wind” is an excellent song for beginner guitarists to practice different strumming patterns.

3. Supercalifragilistcexpealidocious – Mary Poppins

YouTube video

This delightful, nonsensical number is one of the all-time classics and was written for the Disney movie Mary Poppins. Performed on film as a duet between the inimitable Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews, the captivating tune comprises only seven chords.

Part of the fun of learning to play Supercalifragilistcexpealidocious is that its tempo increases as the song progresses. Because of this, and because of the minor chord you’ll need to learn, it may not top the list of easy Disney songs on guitar; still, it is fun to play and worth learning.

4. Let It Go – Frozen

YouTube video

Already wildly popular and on-track to influence music and popular culture for generations to come, the song “Let it Go” recently became a part of history when a video of it being sung by a young Ukrainian girl in a bomb shelter went viral.

Written by husband and wife songwriting team Kristin Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez, “Let it Go” was written for piano but is easily transcribable for guitar.

“Let it Go” is a good Disney song for beginner guitarists, as it has a slow tempo, is relatively simple, and allows for experimentation with different strumming patterns.

5. Once Upon A Dream – Sleeping Beauty

YouTube video

Based on Tchaikovsky’s “The Garland Waltz,” “Once Upon a Dream” was adapted by George Bruns with lyrics by Jack Lawrence and Sammy Fain. This song introduces the waltz and should be on every aspiring guitarist’s list of best Disney songs to play on guitar.

To play the waltz strum pattern used in “Once Upon a Dream,” sound the chord’s base note once, followed by two full strums. Think “ONE, two, three, ONE, two, three…”

6. A Spoonful Of Sugar – Mary Poppins

YouTube video

Thanks to 1964’s Mary Poppins, we all know it helps the medicine go down. But did you know this uptempo, catchy melody makes a great Disney song for beginning guitarists to learn?

Comprised of only seven chords, all of them very simple, with the possible exception of the Eb, the song is excellent practice for those building their chord vocabularies.

While it’s fun to play the guitar chords to this number, the melody is also charming and memorable, so give it a go.

7. I See The Light – Tangled

YouTube video

Featured in Disney’s 50th animated full-length film, Tangled, “I See The Light” also makes our list of easy Disney songs to play on guitar.

Composed by Alan Menken and featuring lyrics by Glenn Slater, “I See The Light” has a slow tempo, which makes it a great song for beginning guitarists who want to work on their pick work and fingerpicking.

The song comprises very simple chords. Beginning guitarists working to shore up their skills with foundational chords should take the time to learn this relatively simple Disney classic.

8. Bare Necessities – The Jungle Book

YouTube video

Before the film The Jungle Book was produced, an earlier project along the same lines was scrapped. When the Sherman Brothers were tasked with scoring the new film, they chose to keep only one song from the scrapped, previous attempt. That song was “Bare Necessities.”

A jazz number penned by Terry Gilkyson, “Bare Necessities” became a big hit following the movie’s release and was popular enough to warrant a cover from the inimitable Louis Armstrong.

“Bare Necessities” is a great Disney song for beginner guitarists as it has a pretty simple yet catchy melody. The chords are straightforward too.

9. Hakuna Matata – The Lion King

YouTube video

The 1994 meg-hit The Lion King included a strong soundtrack, even for Disney. Among the movie’s most famous numbers is the unforgettable “Hakuna Matata,” an uptempo celebratory song written by Elton John and featuring lyrics by Tim Rice.

Hakuna Matata is as fun to play on the guitar as it is to listen to, and it’s relatively simple. It comprises fairly simple chords, making it great practice for beginning guitar players.

10. Un Poco Loco – Coco

YouTube video

The 2017 Disney film Coco is where we get this entry on our list of easy Disney songs to play. “Un Poco Loco,” written by Germaine Franco and Adrian Molina, is a lot of fun (to hear and play) and is the perfect song for beginning guitarists, as it comprises only five chords G/C/D/E/A.

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11. Under The Sea – The Little Mermaid

YouTube video

Disney’s 1989 animated film adaptation of Hans Christian Andersens’ The Little Mermaid was a huge hit that boasted a stellar soundtrack with music composed by Alan Menken and featuring the lyrics of Howard Ashman.

Written in the Calypso style with an upbeat tempo, “Under the Sea” won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

“Under the Sea” is among the best Disney songs for beginner guitarists. It offers budding guitarists the chance to improve their chord-changing speed.

12. You’ve Got A Friend In Me – Toy Story

YouTube video

When Toy Story came out in 1995, it was visually like nothing we’d seen before. The film’s popularity put PIXAR on the map and has spawned several sequels. Common to all movies of this series is the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

Written by Randy Newman, this is a great Disney song for beginner and intermediate guitarists to tackle. Comprising several chords, some of which will be new and challenging to the beginning guitarist, this catchy, upbeat number is an excellent way to expand your chord library.

13. A Whole New World – Aladin

YouTube video

1993’s Aladin was a blockbuster hit for Disney, thanks in no small part to its incredible soundtrack. “A Whole New World,” which served as the film’s theme song, took home the Academy Award for Best Original Song and Grammy for Song of the Year.

“A Whole New World,” written by Alan Menken and Time Rice, provides a bit more of a challenge for beginners but is still well-worth learning. Though some of the guitar chords comprised in this song will challenge the beginning player, this is one of the easy Disney songs every aspiring guitarist should attempt.

14. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? – The Lion King

YouTube video

Written by Elton John and Tim Rice for 1994’s hit The Lion King, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” became a hugely popular hit. The song is a bit complex, with new chords being added to every verse. Still, it makes great practice for budding guitarists.

15. How Far I’ll Go – Moana

YouTube video

Rounding out our list of easy Disney songs is “How Far I’ll Go,” from the movie Moana. Released in 2016, this is a terrific song for children learning the guitar and makes a great introduction to barre chords.

So, watch these YouTube videos, start playing and sing along to all these easy guitar songs mentioned here.

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