What is the best place to buy guitars online?

best place to buy guitar online
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If you’re thinking about buying a new guitar, you’re probably wondering, should you buy a guitar online or from a store? And, what is the best place to buy guitars online?

The perk of buying a guitar in a store is that you can test it out and take it home right away. However, when buying a guitar online, you have access to unlimited options.

Most online music stores are committed to offering the best buying experience. Not only will you be able to select a model, you may have never been able to see in person, but one that has never been played before.

Sometimes, when you’re purchasing from a brick and mortar store, guitars can have subtle usage signs. Buying online offers you high-quality guitars in their best condition.

It’s also an excellent way to make sure that you’re getting a guitar in your price range. With every option available to you, you’ll be able to customize your experience.

Best Place To Buy Guitars Online

Consider these top sites when looking for the best place to buy guitar online in 2020.

1. Sweetwater

Sweetwater is the best place to find musical instruments online. They have a wide selection and one of the best customer support teams.

Not only do they have fantastic buying support, but they are there for the life of your guitar with their technical support.

This online music shop is one of the best guitar stores overall. They offer hundreds of quality guitars. These guitars are meant for more experienced guitar players who know what they are looking for in their instruments.

The biggest perk about Sweetwater is that a guitar tech inspects every guitar for over $299. You can buy with confidence, knowing that they are doing everything to ensure you get the best they have to offer.

Plus, they offer free shipping, special financing, and interest-free easy payments plan for up to 48 months on some selected brand items.

It’s easy to get lost browsing through all their options. So it’s best to have an idea of what you’re looking for.

This website is for people who have been playing for a while or are buying for someone with a specific guitar in mind.

2. Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find a cheap guitar. Their wide selection of acoustic guitars is excellent for someone just starting. While they sell electric guitars, it’s generally worth it to look for higher quality materials.

The great thing about Amazon is that most of their guitars come with accessories. You can find multiple listings for a particular item with different packages and prices.

No need to look anywhere else. With easy and accessible options, you’ll know you’re getting a guitar you’ll love.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but popular model, you’ll be sure to find it here. Or, if you’re looking to buy acoustic guitar online, Amazon will have it.

Their buyer-friendly return policy is one of the best to mitigate customer’s risk of buying damaged or mismatched products. Just return it and take a refund without any questions.

The only downside of their customer service is that they lack the technical support as a dedicated online music store like Sweetwater offer.

3. Musicians Friend

This online musical instrument store offers the most convenience. Musicians Friend offers the lowest asking price, free shipping, and generous return policy.

If you’re looking to buy electric guitar online, this is one of the best places.

They have a vast selection with a variety of price ranges. Unlike some other online guitar shops, this store offers truly beginner instruments. You’ll be able to find an inexpensive option to get you started.

Musicians Friend has a great one to a five-year warranty. It allows guitar players to be confident that any unexpected breakage is covered. You can upgrade your warranty to make sure it covers anything you’re worried about, even just general wear.

This online store has a wide selection but focuses it into accessible categories. This site is easy to navigate and offers some of the best deals you’ll find online. 

4. Guitar Center

You get the best of both worlds with Guitar Center. They offer both in-person and online shopping options. Having both options makes it easy to pick up your guitar quickly after you buy it.

They are also one of the best online stores to buy used gear. Used guitars have a great online price. Most used guitars also come with accessories, so you get everything you need in one shipment.

This musical instrument retailer is the best place to buy inexpensive acoustic guitars online. If you are a new player, looking to get started, Guitar Center will offer you everything you need.

5. Reverb

This online marketplace is known for both buying and selling used and rare musical instruments besides the new ones. Reverb has a great selection of different guitar brands. They make it easy to sort through and find what you want.

Their “Deals and Steals” section is a great place to find excellent equipment for a fantastic advertised price.

Another plus for Reverb is their buying guides. It’s a collection of blog posts about what you should be looking for when buying a new guitar.

This shop also has a great financing process to make buying the guitar of your dreams a little easier.

Other Online Guitar Shops

While these didn’t make the top five best online guitar stores, the following stores are great options if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

  • Zzounds – this site is more challenging to navigate than some of the others but still has a great selection of all types of guitars
  • Sam Ash – another excellent place for financing options, they also have a convenient leasing program
  • Chicago Music Exchange – an online music shop that’s perfect for finding the vintage guitar you’ve been looking for

Time to Buy a Guitar Online

Some of the most important things to keep in mind when buying a new guitar online are return policy and the company’s reputation.

When purchasing online, you want to make sure you have the freedom to send it back if it’s not what you expected.

While it can be easy to get swept up in good prices or other extras, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying from a place you can trust.

With these options, you know your new guitar will arrive in excellent condition and that you’ll have support when you need it.

Start with these top five sites when looking for the best place to buy guitars online. Whether you are a longtime guitar player or just getting started, one of them has the guitar you’ve been wanting.

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