Amazon Prime Big Deal Days: Score Big On Guitar And Gears

Amazon Prime Day Guitar Deals
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Amazon Prime Day 2023 has come and gone, but fret not, dear musicians, for Amazon has another treat in store for you! While the main Prime Day has concluded, music enthusiasts can still rejoice as we look into the upcoming extravaganza known as Prime Big Deal Day.

Just as Prime Day left us thrilled with its offers, Amazon’s second major sales event of this year promises to keep the excitement alive. Now, you need to be a little strategic about Amazon Prime Big Deal Days.

Not only that but if you’re new to this Prime Day thing, then you may not even fully understand what’s going on.

In this article, we’ll explore what Prime Big Deal Days has in store for music aficionados, and how you can prepare to snag some fantastic deals on musical instruments.

What Is Prime Big Deal Day?

Prime Big Deal Days is a new sales event, essentially a second Prime Day exclusive for Prime members. It will take place from October 10 at 3 a.m. EDT to October 11, 2023.

This 48-hour shopping extravaganza will offer Prime members exclusive discounts and deals across every product category, including musical instruments.

The event leads into the holiday shopping season, so it’s a chance to get ahead on gift buying. If you missed out on Prime Day deals back in July, Prime Big Deal Days give you another chance to score rock-bottom prices on guitars, accessories, and more.

Finding the Best Musical Instrument Deals on Prime Big Deal Days

As Amazon gears up for Prime Big Deal Days on October 10th and 11th, music enthusiasts have a golden opportunity to score big savings on musical instruments.

Here’s how you can make the most of this event:

Start Early: Set your alarm for 3 a.m. EDT on October 10th, as deals will kick off right away.

Prime Membership: If you’re not already a Prime member, sign up or start a free trial to access exclusive discounts.

Exclusive Deals: Register for Invite-only deals ahead of time to secure exclusive discounts on select musical instruments.

Personalized Recommendations: Amazon will tailor recommendations based on your past purchases and browsing history. Keep an eye on items saved to your Lists for customized deals.

Deal Alerts: Subscribe to deal-alert notifications on the Prime Big Deal Days event page. You’ll receive push notifications on relevant deals you’ve subscribed to.

Voice Assistant Assistance: Utilize Amazon Alexa to track deals. Get notifications up to 24 hours in advance for items in your Wish List, Cart or Save for Later. You can even use Alexa to make purchases instantly.

With Amazon’s commitment to rolling out new deals every few minutes, you’re bound to find the musical instrument of your dreams at an unbeatable price during Big Deal Days 2023. Stay tuned for exclusive musical instrument deals as soon as the event goes live on Amazon.

Prime Day Early Access Guitar Deal Preview

Here, we have listed some attractive deals on musical instruments and other related items that you can access early. We will continue to post new deals every day to assist you in narrowing down your search for the best Amazon deals on Prime Big Deal Days.

Acoustic Guitar Deals

Electric Guitar Deals

Prime Big Deal on Guitar Amplifiers

Boss Katana-50 MkII EX 1 x 12-inch 50-watt Combo Amp
Boss Katana-50 MkII EX 1 x 12-inch 50-watt Combo Amp
50/25/0.5W 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier with 5 Amp Voicings; Cab-emulated Headphone/Recd/Line Output
−$40.00 Amazon Prime
Fender Mini 65 Twin-Amp Electric Guitar Amplifier, Daphne Blue, with 2-Year Warranty
Fender Mini 65 Twin-Amp Electric Guitar Amplifier, Daphne Blue, with 2-Year Warranty
One-watt single-channel amplifier; Two 3" speakers; Dedicated gain, volume and tone controls
Amazon Prime
Boss Dual Cube LX 2 x 5-inch 10-watt Portable Bass Combo Amp
Boss Dual Cube LX 2 x 5-inch 10-watt Portable Bass Combo Amp
10-watt Stereo Bass Combo Amplifier with 5 Preamp Voicings; 7 Built-in Effects; 15 Setting Memies
Amazon Prime

Prime Big Deal on Guitar Gear & Accessories

Donner Guitar Delay Pedal, Yellow Fall Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal Vintage Delay True Bypass
Donner Guitar Delay Pedal, Yellow Fall Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal Vintage Delay True Bypass
[Analog Delay Pedal] Reproduces the warm and natural classic vintage analog delay sound.; [Flexible Delay Pedal] 20ms to 620ms of delay time. Adjustable delay level and feedback.
−$10.00 Amazon Prime
Sony SRSXB13/B Extra Bass Portable Waterproof Speaker with Bluetooth, USB Type-C, 16 Hours Battery Life
Sony SRSXB13/B Extra Bass Portable Waterproof Speaker with Bluetooth, USB Type-C, 16 Hours Battery Life
EXTRA BASS for deep, punchy sound; Sound Diffusion Processor expands sound far and wide; Waterproof and dustproof (IP67 rated). Supported Codecs: SBC, AAC
Amazon Prime
Ernie Ball Earthwood Medium Light Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 4 pack - 12-54 Gauge (P02446)
Ernie Ball Earthwood Medium Light Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 4 pack - 12-54 Gauge (P02446)
Warm, rich tone with excellent projection and clarity; Phosphor bronze wound on a hex-shaped, high-carbon steel core wire
Amazon Prime
Ernie Ball Super Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings Amazon Exclusive 4-Pack - 9-42 Gauge
Ernie Ball Super Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings Amazon Exclusive 4-Pack - 9-42 Gauge
Amazon Exclusive: includes 4 clear-wrapped sets.; Bright, balanced tone; Made in California, USA with the finest and freshest materials
Amazon Prime

Big Deal on Other Musical Instruments

Amazon Early Access Musical Instruments Deals (For UK)

Can You Preview Deals On Amazon Prime Big Deal Days?

Absolutely! Amazon Prime Big Deal Days offer a fantastic opportunity to score big savings. Prime members can get a sneak peek at upcoming deals by signing up for Invite-only deals on select products expected to sell out.

These exclusive deals include significant discounts on popular brands and categories. By subscribing to deal alerts and visiting the Prime Big Deal Days event page on the Amazon Shopping app, you can receive notifications on available deals based on your preferences.

With personalized recommendations and early access, you can plan your shopping strategy and make the most of this exciting event.

Do You Need A Prime Subscription?

Yes, you do need an Amazon Prime subscription to reap the benefits of Amazon Prime Day guitar deals and other top deals.

At present, a monthly Amazon Prime subscription costs not that much though – just $14.99/£8.99 or a yearly option is available for $139/£95. If you are primarily interested in Prime Video, a separate membership is available at $8.99/£5.99 per month.

For students, there is a 50% discounted pricing plan, with options of $7.49 per month or $69 per year. Additionally, individuals receiving government assistance like EBT, Medicaid, or NAP can qualify for Prime Access with a discounted monthly membership fee of $6.99.

If you aren’t already a Prime user, then it may be worth it for you to buy the subscription for a month and save way more money on a guitar or other necessities. If you’ve never used Prime, then even better – Amazon offers 30 days of free trials for first-time users which you can unsubscribe anytime!

Click here to subscribe and start your free trial.

Consider becoming a regular Prime user as well if you are shopping from Amazon often. Amazon Prime members get access to exclusive discounts, free and faster delivery, ad-free music streaming as well as movies and TV shows.

Already Prime members can start purchasing products and services from early exclusive offers and deals with a special coupon code word.

Amazon Prime Day Shopping Tips

To help you maximize your savings and get the best possible deal out of Prime Day 2023, we’ll now give a few Prime Day shopping tips. Some of these hints come straight from the Amazon Prime Day page, while others are from us.

Prime Day Guitar On Amazon
Amazon Prime Day Parcel (2018)

1. Look for deal badges

Products with Prime Day discounts will be designated with blue badges. They are fairly easy to spot, so you should not miss the occasion to buy a cheap guitar online.

2. Subscribe for upcoming deal alerts

Next, make use of the “Watch A Deal” feature. This function allows you to get notified when a deal is about to start.

To watch a deal, do the following:

  • Launch the Amazon mobile app.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the bottom right of your screen.
  • Scroll down to find “Programs & Features”.
  • Tap “Deals”.
  • At the top of the screen, tap “Upcoming”.
  • Scroll through the deals and tap “Watch this deal” whenever you see anything interesting.

Once the deal goes live, the app will notify you about it.

Aside from this feature, the Amazon mobile app provides personalized notifications on deals that are likely to interest you.

3. Make use of Amazon Alexa and Amazon Assistant

In addition to the app, you should also make use of Amazon Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Assistant allows you to compare prices, and it also notifies you of current deals. As of this post’s writing, the Assistant was only available for Google Chrome Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers as an extension, but only offered for Android phones.

As for Amazon Alexa, you may just ask your Alexa to view Prime Day deals, get deal notifications when it’s live, and set reminders about the start of the event. Additionally, you may specifically ask Alexa to show you musical instrument or guitar deals. Amazon Alexa may provide you with options that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

4. Keep an eye on Prime coupons

Prime members also gain access to exclusive savings via Prime Coupons. Make sure to keep an eye on these as well – they may allow you to save even more money on a guitar!

5. Keep your options open

And as our final tip, we’d like to suggest that you keep your options open.

If you are waiting for cheap electric guitars for sale on Prime Day, then keep in mind that the big discount for your long-awaited guitar model may actually NOT come. It’s very difficult to predict which products Amazon will offer at a discount, so it’s nearly impossible to plan anything beforehand.

Even if you want to get a specific guitar or gear, don’t neglect other options. If you find something comparable with good reviews and for a good price, then you may want to go for the deal. If you don’t take action immediately, you may not get another chance until the next Prime Day.

What Else Should I Look Out For On Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day isn’t just about musical instruments – you can find plenty of other stuff too. However, we can’t predict what will be discounted.

Anyway, among the most popular non-musical instrument Prime Day products are Amazon Echo devices. They’ve been selling like hotcakes during past Prime Days, and things are unlikely to change this time around too.

Aside from that, Prime Day will cover just about everything a homeowner would ever need to buy, including TVs, wireless headsets, laptops, clothes, tools, and kitchen appliances.

Currently, the Amazon Prime Day page also promises up to 60% savings on selected Amazon devices and up to 75% savings on Fire TV.

With that, no matter what you are looking for this year, Prime Day is very likely to have some very juicy deals for you. Just be sure to keep an eye out for deals and check the Prime Day website often!

When Do Guitars Go On Sale?

Guitars can go on sale at various times throughout the year, depending on the specific sales and promotional events of retailers or manufacturers. However, there are a few common periods when guitars are more likely to be discounted:

Holiday Sales: Many retailers offer guitar sales during major holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. These sales events often feature significant discounts and promotions on guitars and related accessories.

Seasonal Sales: The change of seasons, such as the end of summer or the beginning of the new year, can be a time when retailers offer clearance sales or discounts on older guitar models to make room for new inventory.

Manufacturer Promotions: Guitar manufacturers occasionally run their own sales or promotions, offering discounts on specific models or limited-time deals. These promotions can occur at any time during the year.

Retailer-Specific Events: Some retailers may have their own annual sales events, similar to Amazon Prime Day, where guitars and musical instruments are included in the discounts.

It’s important to keep in mind that while these periods generally see increased guitar sales and discounts, individual retailers and manufacturers may have their own unique sales strategies and timelines.

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