Best Songs About Imagination And Creativity To Inspire You

Songs About Imagination
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Do you ever feel like you need a little inspiration to let your creative juices flow? If so, then you will love these best songs about imagination and creativity. From whimsical ballads to driving rock anthems, these tracks will get your heart racing and your mind reflecting in new ways.

This is the beauty of music, especially songs about imagination and fantasy. They transport you to unimaginable places, and for a moment, anything is possible.

Top Songs About Imagination, Creative Art And Fantasy

Here are some of my favorites for when I need a light bulb to turn on. So put on headphones, close your eyes and let the music take you away!

1. Imagine by John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band

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Album: Imagine | Released: 1971 | Genre: Soft Rock, Pop

This is the idealist’s lullaby; they play it to soothe themselves to sleep. Performed by all the greats, including Queen, Stevie Wonder, and Madonna, it is an anthem about a world where my god won’t burn in you in hell, and your government won’t steal from my country.

Although John Lennon has been criticized for preaching lots of peace but not embodying the same in his personal life, the song still reminds me to imagine and work for a better world.

2. Riders On The Storm by The Doors

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Album: L.A. Woman | Released: 1971 | Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Jazz Rock

Only two things can really get my creative juices flowing, and in his last swing before dying, Jim Morrison delivered both to me. The first is the soft rain sounds that envelope this moody classic. The stormy feeling helps me mute all my other senses and focus on what I need to do.

The second is that the song is inspired by a serial killer who kills hitchhikers. Nothing to get you to live life like the feeling that death lurks around the corner.

3. The Creativity Song by Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

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Album: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared | Released: 2011 | Genre: Animated Musical Video

Most people have mixed feelings towards this song, but the fact that I like it is a hill I am ready to die on. My favorite thing about the song is the Simpson-like air of conspiracies surrounding it.

Nobody can agree on the meaning. Is it about how the current society limits children’s imagination, or was that a jab at grown folk who only consume mainstream content? Deciphering this one will surely take you down a creative rabbit hole.

4. Just My Imagination by The Temptations

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Album: Sky’s The Limit | Released: 1971 | Genre: R&B, Soul

“Just My Imagination” makes me feel like Joe Goldberg from Netflix’ You, well, at least a less obsessive version. Listening to the song, it’s hard to tell that the members weren’t getting along while recording it.

The sultry vocals effortlessly carry me to a place of love and imagination. I am staring at the love of my life as we walk toward the sunset, but what I refuse to say out loud is that it’s all in my head.

To be fair, all love stories start with one person imagining they are with someone they don’t have – yet.

5. Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland

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Movie: The Wizard of Oz | Released: 1939 | Genre: Ballad

It doesn’t get more imaginative than the song accompanying Dorothy in her dreamy, surreal adventures in the Wizard of Oz.

The song has stood as a beacon of ingenuity for generations. My grandmother probably listened to it, and you’ll probably also sing it for your grandchildren.

Although the song was spontaneously written in a spark of art from the spur of the moment, and the fact it was almost not included in the film, it beat all odds to become the mark of a place of wonder and awe.

6. Paperback Writer By The Beatles

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Album: A Collection of Beatles Oldies | Released: 1966 | Genre: Hard Rock, Power Pop

Of course, John Lennon has to make another appearance when I talk about all imagination. Here, it is the context of his then band, a band that would influence creativity through their lyrics, how they dressed and how they took a position against certain societal norms.

The beauty of this song is that it is filled with creative whimsy. Made in just two hours, you can hear the children’s rhyme Frere Jacques in the background, and the lyrics are arranged just enough to sound good but not entirely logical.

7. Runnin’ Down A Dream by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

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Album: Full Moon Fever | Released: 1989 | Genre: Heartland Rock, Rock And Roll

I am confident that I am not the only one who can relate to the times when life beats the creative juices out of you. This song was written by Tom Petty when he saw Elvis Presley perform and thought to himself; I must learn to rock like that.

In the song, he refuses to give up on his dream. The song must have some good energy, seeing as he went on to be welcomed into the Rock Hall of Fame. Maybe a listen will rub off some of that creativity.

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8. If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon Lightfoot

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Album: Sit Down Young Stranger | Released: 1970 | Genre: Soft Rock, Folk Rock

Sometimes creative thought is bright and full of life. Other times, however, it comes marred by tears, pain, and heart-wrenching emotions that make you want to sleep and never wake.

This song was written on a hot afternoon when Gordon was surrounded by eerily silent and empty house-the remnants of his failed marriage.

Recorded over a hundred times, this song stretches your imagination by giving words to your emotions, whether you feel like a ghost from a wishing well or the hero who failed.

9. Fantasy by Aldo Nova

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Album: Aldo Nova | Released: 1982 | Genre: Hard Rock, Pop Rock

This song served as the launching pad for Aldo’s career and was his only song that would top the charts. Unlike his other songs, he penned down the lyrics before having a vision of what the instrumentation and arrangement would look like.

Unlike the other songs that invite you to indulge your imagination and fantasies, this one warns you not to dwell too much. If the boundary that separates reality and imagination gets too blurry, it serves a hard life.

10. Dream Weaver by Gary Wright

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Album: The Dream Weaver | Released: 1975 | Genre: Soft Rock

What better place to source for creative inspiration than from the original source, where it never runs dry? I believe that sometimes all you need to help you out of a creative block is somewhere in the universe.

Whether in nature, the stars, or in Gary Wright’s case, religion. Inspired by a Hindu monk, the song is about a dream weaver, a helper who comes at night to take all your apprehension away, leaving room for your imagination to run free.

More Masterpiece Songs About Imagination

SLSong TitleArtistReleased
12.Paint It, BlackThe Rolling Stones1966
13.Sounds of SilenceSimon & Garfunkel1964
14.Mind GamesJohn Lennon1973
15.Building A MysterySarah McLachlan1997
16.Brass In PocketThe Pretenders1979
17.Imaginary LoverAtlanta Rhythm Section1972
18.I’ve Got To Use My ImaginationGladys Knight & The Pips1973
19.If I Had A HammerPeter, Paul, And Mary1962
20.Angie BabyHelen Reddy1974
23.Hard To ImaginePearl Jam1998
24.An American DreamLove and Rockets1986
25.Imagining AmericaEverything But The Girl1990
26.Pure ImaginationJackie Evancho2012
27.I Let My Mind WanderWillie Nelson1969
28.Imagining YouLeah Andreone 1996
29.My ImaginationThe Supremes1964
30.EmbroideryCasey Dienel2006

Final Words

Imagination is a powerful tool, and it’s one that we should all take the time to appreciate. The songs on this list are just a small reminder of the importance of imagination and creativity in our lives. If we understood all these lessons, the world would actually be a better place.

Take the time to listen to these songs and think about how imagination has played a role in your life – you may be surprised at what you find.

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