How To Store Guitar Picks Like An Expert Guitarist (2024)

How to store guitar picks

As a guitarist for over 20 years, I know firsthand the frustration of losing picks constantly. They somehow always manage to disappear into thin air!

Keeping your picks properly stored is crucial though. Without access to your preferred pick, your tone and technique suffers.

In this article, I’ll share the best methods I’ve learned over the years to organize and store your picks so you always have one close by.

From specialized cases and containers to strategically placing spare picks around your playing area, you’ll find tips to end the nightmare of losing picks for good.

Read on to learn valuable secrets for guitar pick storage because you’ll discover proven solutions to keep your picks secure yet readily available anytime you need to play.

Why Proper Guitar Pick Storage Matters

Proper guitar pick storage is about more than just organization – it impacts your playing. Losing picks frequently disrupts your practice routine and performances. Wasted time searching for a pick also cuts into your playing.

Plus, losing your favorite pick means you must break in a new one to achieve the same tone, grip, and precision. Statistics show most guitarists lose an average of 100 picks per year. With top brand picks costing up to $5 each, replacement adds up.

Dedicated storage solutions protect your picks from damage, wear and tear which preserves the integrity of the material. Quick access to your pick collection also allows you to find the exact shape, thickness and texture you need for optimal sound and feel in different songs or styles.

Overall, proper guitar pick storage saves money, maximizes practice efficiency, and gives you the ideal pick for your playing needs anytime.

Guitar Pick Storage Ideas And Methods

Guitar pick storage solutions
Explore guitar pick storage ideas

As a guitarist with a growing pick collection, I’m always seeking creative storage ideas to keep my variety pack organized. Besides some proven DIY hacks like cramming picks into pockets or cases, I’ve discovered handy accessories designed specifically for pick storage.

With numerous innovations available, you can store your beloved picks neatly and uniquely while adding your personal flair. Let’s explore some effective and versatile solutions for pick storage.

1. DIY Guitar Pick Storage Hacks

There are many creative DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions for conveniently storing your guitar picks around your home, practice space or gigging equipment.

Here are some effective guitar pick storage hacks you can easily implement:

Repurpose everyday tins & boxes – Hinge-lid mint tins, pocket-size ice breaker cases, old film canisters, and decorative candy boxes all small reusable tins or plastic cases work perfectly for organizing picks. Label each container by pick type or gauge.

Use pill fobs/bottles – Empty prescription vials, supplement cases, pill carrier fobs or even unused urine specimen cups provide crush-proof protection for pocket-ready transport of picks.

Flambeau Outdoors Zerust MAX 4004ZM Tuff Tainer-Partial Bulk Storage Compartment Section, 20 Compartments and 15 Removable Dividers-11" L x 7.25" W x 1.75" D-Fishing and Tackle Storage Utility Box

Use compartment boxes from fishing tackle or craft supplies – The small compartments are ideal for sorting different picks. These see-through boxes allow you to easily find what you need.

Try a shot glass or prep bowl from your kitchen – Keep a stash neatly corralled on your desktop, amp, or pedalboard. The curved sides provide easy fingertip access.

Use office supply organizers – Sort your picks by gauge into compartmented letter trays, cubby shelves, partitioned desk drawers and other office item holders available at any stationary store.

Stash picks in your wallet or jeans coin pocket – Carry backup picks in your wallet or use the tiny coin pocket in jeans to hold everyday picks.

Affix picks on duct tape strips – For quick on-stage access, stick picks to removable tape strips on mic stands, pedalboards or cases.

Create DIY pick dispensers – Create custom pick dispensers using wood, plastic or other materials. Online tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for crafting personalized dispensers suited to your pick storage preferences.

With a bit of creativity, you can devise guitar pick storage solutions to suit your personal practice preferences and ensure you always have a pick close at hand!

2. Pick Holders: The Classic Choice

Jim Dunlop Series 5005 Pickholder, 1 Pack, BLACK

One of the most straightforward and widely used methods is the pick holder, often equipped with adhesive backing for easy attachment to your guitar, amplifier, or any other metal surface.

The popular Jim Dunlop Series 5005 Pickholder affixes to your guitar, ensuring your picks are right where you need them during a performance or practice session.

Another version of the pick holder, the Magnetic pick holder, provides a secure and sleek solution for guitarists who seek quick access to their picks. These holders use magnets to keep the picks in place, ensuring they won’t accidentally fall out.

3. Pick Cases: Compact and Protective

COOZOOM Guitar Pick Holder Case Compatible for Fender, ChromaCast, D'Addario, JIM DUNLOP, Bolopick, UNLP MUSICAL INSTRUMENT Guitar Accessories, All Size Picks Storage Pouch Box-Bag Black

For those looking for a more secure and protective solution, pick cases are an excellent choice. These compact containers are specifically designed to hold multiple picks, keeping them safe from damage and loss.

The COOZOOM Guitar Pick Holder Case with room for over 50 picks plus strings and a capo, safeguards your picks from scratches, dust and damage.

Complete with a carry strap, this portable case slips easily into a gig bag for transport. Its quality construction and portability make it the perfect gift idea too.

4. Leather Wallet With Pick Holders: Stylish and Functional

Anthology Gear Full Grain Leather Bi-fold Wallet with Guitar Pick Holder (Whiskey Brown)

Ideal for live shows and everyday life, a leather wallet with pick holders seamlessly combines functionality with style. Not only does it keep your picks organized, but it also serves as a practical wallet for your money.

This wallet typically accommodates around 2/3 guitar picks, offering a secure and easily accessible storage solution.

The Anthology Gear Full Grain Leather Wallet with Pick Holder, for example, is not only visually appealing but also practical, with slots to organize your picks neatly.

5. Pick Dispensing Key Chains: Picks On the Go

D'Addario Accessories Planet Waves Pick Holder with LED Light

Combining portability with functionality, pick dispensing keychains are a clever solution for guitarists who are always on the move.

There are keychain varieties like the JAZ Guitar Picks Holder Leather Key Chain, offering portability and allowing you to keep your picks with you wherever you go.

For those seeking an added feature, consider the D’Addario Accessories Planet Waves Pick Holder. This innovative pick holder not only provides convenient storage but also incorporates an LED light, ensuring visibility in low-light settings during your musical adventures.

6. Headstock Pick Holder: Quick On-Stage Access

GUITARX X142 - Headstock Rubber Guitar Pick Holder (5-Pack) Pickholder For Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo And Mandolin - Placed Between 3rd and 4th Strings on Head Stock

For the guitarist who values innovation, the headstock pick holder, such as “The Wedge,” is a game-changer. This small apparatus locks between 3rd and 4th strings above the nut on your guitar headstock, providing a safe spot for your picks.

It is an excellent choice for live performers who need quick access to a variety of picks during a performance. The GUITARX Wedge pick holder showcases the perfect blend of functionality and guitar geekery.

7. Mic Stand Pick Holder: Convenient Access During Live Performances

D'Addario Accessories Mic Stand Pick Holder - Guitar Pick Holder for Mic Stands - Holds 10 Guitar Picks of Any Gauge and Size

A familiar sight at live gigs, the pick holder mic stand is a convenient gear attachment for singers and guitarists. Easily attached to a microphone stand, it allows performers to swiftly grab a pick without interrupting the flow of the performance.

This is especially crucial in a live setting, where searching the floor for a lost pick mid-set is not an option. Explore the convenience of the D’addario Mic Stand Pick Holder to ensure you’re always ready for your next chord.

8. Guitar Strap with Pick Holder: Combine Style with Functionality

Ernie Ball Pickholder Polypro Guitar Strap, Burgundy (P04688)

A guitar strap with a built-in pick holder is a testament to its ingenious design. This accessory allows you to stash your guitar picks along with your instrument, ensuring they’re within arm’s reach.

Perfect for live gigs where a microphone stand pick holder might not be available, this guitar strap comes equipped with slots for three regular-sized plectrums.

Depending on the pick gauge, you might even fit in more. Explore the Ernie Ball Polypro guitar strap with a pick holder for a stylish and practical solution to keep your picks close at hand.

9. Capo with Guitar Pick Holder: A Convenient Storage Solution

Guitar Capo,TANMUS 3in1 Zinc Metal Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars (with Pick Holder and 4Picks),Ukulele,Mandolin,Banjo,Guitar Accessories

Capos are a guitarist’s essential tool, and when paired with a built-in pick holder, they become even more indispensable. This ingenious design ensures that your picks are always at your fingertips, eliminating the need to search for them mid-performance.

I recently discovered an interesting capo, the TANMUS Zinc Metal Capo with Guitar Pick Holder. The integrated pick holder accommodates various pick sizes to securely keep them in place.

It’s another practical solution for any guitarist, offering both convenience and functionality in one sleek accessory.

10. Guitar Pick Holder Pendant: A Stylish and Functional Accessory

Guitar Pick Holder Pendant Necklace (CHROME Stainless Steel) & FENDER Guitar Pick Set By PICKBAY (Authentic & Original)

While seeking innovative methods to keep my guitar picks within reach, I came across the Pickbay Guitar Pick Holder Pendant Necklace.

This stylish accessory serves as both a fashion statement and a practical solution for pick storage. The pendant features a discreet compartment that securely holds 1-3 guitar picks, ensuring they’re readily accessible.

Although I appreciate the product’s combination of style and functionality, it may not be my preferred choice, as I don’t typically opt for necklace-based storage solutions.

Guitar Pick Storage Tips You Actually Need

  • Designate a storage spot near your practice area to always place picks when not in use, whether a shot glass on your desktop or a pick holder on your guitar. This builds consistency.
  • Stick a small pick case or magnetic holder to your mic stand or pedalboard for quick on-stage access. Use removable adhesive that won’t damage equipment.
  • Repurpose a used mint tin or plastic container to hold your go-to picks. The lid keeps them securely corralled.
  • Carry 1-2 picks in your wallet or jeans coin pocket so you always have a backup if your main pick disappears. Just check pockets before laundry day!
  • Buy picks in bulk packages and place extras strategically around your home and gear, ready to grab in a pinch. Picks are inexpensive so you can afford to be generous with storage spots.

Final Words

Guitarists can find relief from lost picks through classic holders, protective cases, stylish wallets or magnetic holders – any pick storage solution prevents the pain of scrambling to find a missing pick.

With the right storage solution, you can ensure that your guitar picks are always within reach, allowing you to focus on making beautiful music without the worry of misplaced accessories.

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