10 Easy Zach Bryan Songs On Guitar (With Tutorial)

Easy Zach Bryan Guitar Songs

Zach Bryan became a country-music superstar seemingly overnight. He had modest success as an indie artist, with a small but dedicated following, before 2022. Thanks to TikTok, one of his songs went viral, and the rest, as they say, is history. Zach Bryan seems to pour out his very soul through his vocals and guitar.

If you’re a guitar player and a country-music fan like I am, you’ve no doubt thought about adding some of Bryan’s songs to your repertoire.

Here are ten easy Zach Bryan songs on guitar to help you get started. These are arranged from the easiest to the more difficult, though all of them are suitable for beginner to intermediate players.

Easiest Zach Bryan Song To Play On Guitar

1. Heading South

YouTube video

 Heading South (Video) | Guitar Chords & Tab

For me personally, this is the easiest Zach Bryan song to play on guitar. This song marks the first time Bryan received RIAA Gold certification back in 2021.

It utilizes just four chords, though the F shape can be difficult for beginners. You’ll also need a capo for the fourth fret, though you can learn to play it with open chords if you don’t have one. Just note that you’ll be in a completely different key.

2. All the Time

YouTube video

All The Time (Audio) | Guitar Chords

This is another four-chord song played with the open Em, C, G and D chords. It also has a simple up-down strumming pattern.

There’s no need for a capo this time. There’s also no F-chord shape to trouble you, but the tempo is faster, and the chord changes come faster as well.

Zach Bryan first performed this song live to a crowd of fans in Philadelphia in May of 2023. The song debuted on his “Summertime Blues,” EP in 2022.

3. Snow

YouTube video

Snow (Audio) | Guitar Chords

For this one, we still have only four chords to think about. Zach uses a capo on the first fret this time.

This one is simple to play, even though the dreaded F chord is back. You can modify the way you play the F chord for this tune to make things easier.

You can also spice things up with some hammer-ons and minor flourishes while you play the basic strumming pattern. This tune also makes use of palm muting.

4. Burn, Burn, Burn

YouTube video

Burn, Burn, Burn (Music Video) | Guitar Chords

For this song, you’ll need to place your capo on the third fret. The F barre chord can again be modified for easier playing. Hammer-ons are again used here, but you can skip them while you’re learning, if you need to.

There’s an unusual structure to this song that contains seven verses. The chorus only comes in at the end. Zach’s lyrics in this song really resonate with me, as I’m sure they do for a lot of his fans. 

5. Dawns (feat. Maggie Rogers)

YouTube video

Dawns (Music Video) | Chords & Tab

This song was a collaboration between Zach Bryan and Maggie Rogers, another up-and-coming music star. This is one of Zach Bryan’s newer songs, released in January of 2023.

We again have four of Zach’s favorite chords of F, Am, G and C. Like most of his songs, it’s in a standard guitar tuning. This song is played in the key of F and doesn’t require the use of a capo.

It’s a slow, easy-going tune that shouldn’t give you much trouble. 

6. Flying or Crying

YouTube video

Flying or Crying (Audio) | Guitar Chords

While watching Zach play “Flying or Crying,” I noticed that he doesn’t always play the bottom strings for the full chords. You can play the full chords if you want to, or you can go for a more album-specific sound by copying his method.

You can even get away with being a little sloppy on this one. This song is from Zach Bryan’s debut indie album, “DeAnn,” which came out back in 2019.

7. God Speed

YouTube video

God Speed (Audio) | Chords & Tab

If you know your C, G, F and Am chords, this song will be a breeze. Zach uses some hammer-ons during the chord changes for the intro, but as usual, you can skip these if you need to when first learning the song.

The strumming pattern is easy to pick up, but it sounds great. This is a good song to learn to improve your timing and rhythm. Then, you can impress your family and friends at your next get-together.

8. Darling

YouTube video

Darling (Video) | Guitar Chords & Tab

“Darling,” is one of Zach Bryan’s songs where he mixes solid rhythm guitar playing with some soulful harmonica. There are four chords with a fifth being a combination of the C and G chords. The remaining chords used here are D and Em.

This song hits hard for me, as it deals with emotional pain and a longing for acceptance. I always appreciate Zach Bryan’s lyrics as much as his vocal and guitar-playing talents.

9. Letting Someone Go

YouTube video

Letting Someone Go (Audio) | Guitar Chords

This is another song that was first heard on Zach Bryan’s debut album, “DeAnn.” It deals with the subject matter of losing a loved one and the struggle of acceptance and moving on.

In addition to the usual four chords and basic strumming patterns, Zach throws a couple of cool licks into this one. There are a few quick chord changes to look out for as well. It’s a little tougher than the previous songs, but not too bad.

10. Sun To Me

YouTube video

Sun To Me (Audio) | Guitar Chords | Solo Tablature

“Sun To Me,” has the familiar Am, G, C and F chords and can be played without the use of a capo. The strumming pattern is easy enough, but Zach uses palm muting in an almost percussive fashion.

This can take a little bit of practice to master for beginners. There’s also a short solo line. I’ve added a link to the tablature for this here, in addition to the usual chords and strumming patterns.

This love song debuted on the “American Heartbreak,” album in 2022.

Image Credit @ zachlanebryan

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