10 Easy AC/DC Guitar Songs For Beginner Players

Easy ACDC Guitar Songs
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AC/DC, since their inception, has consistently dominated music charts with a slew of hit songs and iconic riffs. In fact, many music critics consider their work foundational for anyone looking to delve into the rock genre.

Since the band released their first album, numerous budding guitarists have turned to their songs as a starting point, given their catchy and straightforward riffs.

But AC/DC has so many hit songs and iconic riffs that it’s hard to cover them all. If you’re learning the guitar, at some point, you’ll want to add some of these songs to your repertoire to play ACDC.

Fortunately, there are a number of tunes by this iconic rock band that aren’t too difficult to play. Many of the first complete songs that I learned to play were AC/DC songs, and I’m certain that I’m not alone in this.

Their timeless tracks not only resonate with seasoned players but also provide the perfect platform for novices to hone their skills.

Here are ten easy ACDC guitar songs that are perfect for beginners and intermediate players. Each song will be followed by links to a full lesson tutorial and tablature.

Easy AC/DC Guitar Songs For Beginners

I’ve arranged the song list from easiest to hardest, but remember, everyone is different. You may find that you struggle with a technique that others find easy while excelling at things that most players find difficult. This is perfectly normal.

1. You Shook Me All Night Long

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For me personally, this is the easiest AC/DC song to play on guitar. This is especially true if you stick to the main riffs and rhythm parts at first.

This was the first single to feature singer Brian Johnson after Bon Scott’s untimely death in 1980. It appeared on the band’s “Back in Black,” album as well as on the album “Who Made Who,” from 1986.

If you can handle power chords and a basic blues lick, this song isn’t too difficult to master.

2. Highway To Hell

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No list of songs for beginner guitar would be complete without “Highway to Hell.” It’s straight forward, and the pacing of the song isn’t too fast.

“Highway to Hell,” is played in standard tuning. The song is the title track on the group’s sixth studio album which was released in 1979.

This was the last album to feature Bon Scott and the first to be produced by Mutt Lange. Even the lead parts are pretty easy to play here.

3. TNT

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This is another one of my favorite easy AC DC songs to play on guitar. If you stick to the rhythm parts, this song is just as easy to play as the previous two on our list.

The main riff consists of only three simple chords, which are G5, E5 and A5. You can make things even easier by playing simplified versions of these power chords. The short solo and outro may prove more difficult for beginners, though.

4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

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This is another one of my favorite easy AC DC songs for guitar. If not for the lead parts, it might have been higher on this list.

The rhythm sections consist of easy E5, A5, G5 and D5 chords. The solo is played at a fast tempo and requires good hammer-on and pull-off technique.

This is another title track from an album of the same name. It debuted back in 1976 and quickly became a hit.

5. It’s A Long Way To The Top

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Before you begin playing guitar and attempting this song, you’ll need to tune your electric guitar one half-step up to F, B♭, E♭, A♭, C and F. You can also simply place a capo on the first fret in standard tuning to achieve the same result.

This song is the first track on the band’s second album titled, “T.N.T.” The album debuted in Australia and New Zealand in 1975. Decades later, this song still gets regular radio play on rock stations and is known as one of the best songs for beginner guitar players.

6. Hells Bells

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The intro to this song is instantly recognizable yet super simple to play. This section also gets repeated as the chorus.

The solo is a little more difficult here. It’s the reason why the song isn’t higher on our list. Try playing the rhythm only at first along with the original track. This will help you to get the timing down correctly.

“Hells Bells,” is the second single released from the album “Back in Black” and is one of AC/DC’s innovative songs that left a mark on rock history. Interestingly, the ringing at the beginning of the song was an actual 2,000-pound bell crafted by John Taylor & Co. of Loughborough.

This track, while different in its tone, follows the lineage of songs Bon Scott once helmed, and showcases the brilliance of the Young brothers’ songwriting.

7. Back in Black

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“Back in Black,” is another iconic song that’s easy to play. It starts out with an intro that uses right-hand muting.

It then goes into a verse and chorus that are made up of simple riffs that your friends and family will immediately recognize.

This song is the title track from the band’s seventh studio album. The album was released in 1980, and the song saw a resurgence of popularity more recently after being used in the Iron Man movies.

8. Rock N Roll Train

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Intermediate-level guitarists should find this one simple to play on guitar. This is another song where the timing can be tricky unless you’re playing along with the album.

The solo is short and not too difficult, so with a little practice, you should be able to play the complete song.

This is one of the newer tunes on our list, debuting in 2008 as the B side of a solo vinyl with “War Machine,” on the A-side. It was then added to the album “Black Ice.”

9. Shoot To Thrill

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This song incorporates more chords than usual for an AC/DC song, though their favorite A5, D5 and G5 power chords make a return here.

Some of the riffs are played at a fast tempo, but they’re repetitive and can be picked up rather quickly. Other sections of the song slow down and require a good sense of timing and rhythm to make them sound just right.

The solo here is short and has a bluesy vibe that makes good use of string bends. “Shoot to Thrill,” is yet another song from the 1980 album “Back in Black.”

10. Thunderstruck

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“Thunderstruck,” has an intro that is iconic and one of the staple riffs that every guitarist needs to learn. Pay close attention to the full lesson tutorial and you’ll see that each note in this riff is picked with alternate strokes.

A lot of guitarists make the mistake of thinking this riff is played with tapping or some combination of hammer-ons and pull-offs. The opening sounds really fast and impressive, but it’s not too difficult to learn.

The solo, however, is one of the more difficult lead parts of any song on this list. “Thunderstruck,” is from the 1990 album “Razor’s Edge.”

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