16 Easy Justin Bieber Songs On Guitar For Beginners

Justin Bieber Guitar Songs

Justin Bieber burst onto the pop music scene in 2009 and quickly became one of the biggest stars on the planet. With his catchy melodies and smooth vocals, Justin Bieber has become one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

His music is perfect for aspiring guitarists looking for contemporary songs that are easy to learn and fun to play. As a guitarist, I wanted to learn some of his hit songs to play for friends using basic chords and strumming patterns.

In this article, you’ll discover 16 of the easiest Justin Bieber guitar songs ideal for beginners and intermediate players. Whether you want to impress your friends at a party or simply entertain yourself, these crowd-pleasing songs utilize basic chord shapes and strumming patterns that can quickly be mastered.

Easy Justin Bieber Songs on Guitar

From upbeat hits like “Baby” and “Sorry” to romantic ballads like “Love Yourself”, this article provides simplified chords and video tutorials to help you sound like a pop star.

So read this article because it lists Justin Bieber’s top hits that are easy to learn, providing chord charts and tips to master these catchy tunes.

1. Love Yourself 

YouTube video

Album: Purpose (2015) | Guitar Chords

The folk-pop song features simple guitar chords (C, Am, Dm, F and G) that are commonly the first chords guitar beginners learn. The verse and chorus move between these chords in a simple progression but need to use a capo on the 4th fret.

The studio version features Justin Bieber singing and playing an acoustic guitar. The song’s clever lyrics and catchy melody made it popular with fans and critics alike. It became Bieber’s third number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 and one of his biggest hits.

Overall, the minimal chord progression provides beginners with a flexible and easy Bieber tune to start their guitar lessons.

Fun facts: The empowering breakup song was co-written by Ed Sheeran, premiered on Beats 1 Radio, earned 2 Grammy nods, and marked Sheeran’s first #1 as a songwriter. 

2. Baby 

YouTube video

Album: My World 2.0 (2010) | Guitar Chords

At just 16 years old, Bieber skyrocketed to fame with “Baby,” which received numerous awards and broke chart records worldwide. As one of Bieber’s most iconic early songs, it cemented his status as a teen pop sensation. I still remember hearing this song constantly on the radio when it first came out.

The guitar chords are relatively simple, cycles between C-Am-F-G chords, making “Baby” a popular choice for beginner guitar lessons and tutorials. The verse/chorus progresses between these chords simply, while beginners can explore different strumming patterns.

This song is a great way for beginners to practice transitioning between chords and experimenting with different strumming patterns.

Fun facts: The music video for “Baby” constantly got the most views on YouTube for over 2 years, from July 2010 to November 2012, before it was surpassed by Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video.

3. Sorry

YouTube video

Album: Purpose (2015) | Guitar Chords

“Sorry” is an upbeat pop song that marked a transition in Bieber’s sound from teen pop to a more mature, electronic style and became one of his biggest hits, topping charts worldwide.

The track features only four chords (F, Am, G, Dm) that most beginners learn early on. Though the F chord can initially be a bit difficult for absolute beginners, with practice and by using some simpler barre chord versions, it can become easier to play.

The catchy melody and relatable lyrics make “Sorry” a guitar tutorial favorite for both novice players and Bieber fans. Its fun music video also helped it become one of Bieber’s biggest hits.

Fun Fact: Bieber revealed the song was partially inspired by his ex Selena Gomez and was meant to apologize for past scandals. 

4. One Time

YouTube video

Album: My World (2009) | Guitar Chords

“One Time” was the lead single on Bieber’s debut EP and showed his potential as both a singer and novice guitarist. The catchy chorus and infectiously cheerful vibe showcase his early bubblegum pop sound.

The song is easy to learn on guitar, using basic chords like C#m, A, B, and E. Strumming the chords creates a cheerful, upbeat vibe fitting Bieber’s image at the time as a wholesome teen pop star. 

Now a simple go-to tune for beginners learning their first chord progressions, “One Time” will always have a special place among fans as the first hit that introduced Bieber’s catchy guitar-driven pop to the mainstream.

5. Eenie Meenie

YouTube video

Album: My World 2.0 (2010) | Guitar Chords

“Eenie Meenie” is an upbeat pop single by Sean Kingston featuring Justin Bieber. This dance-pop duet has a tropical, reggae-influenced sound with a catchy melody. 

Bieber was just starting his career at the time, and “Eenie Meenie” marked his first feature on another artist’s track. The chord progression uses basic chords like Am, F, C and G – making it a fun, easy tune to learn on guitar.

While not one of Bieber’s major hits, “Eenie Meenie” is a feel-good guitar song for new players and contains the charm and talent of a young pre-fame Bieber. It captures his early pop-reggae style before he transitioned to more electronic and R&B-influenced sounds.

6. What Do You Mean?

YouTube video

Album: Purpose (2015) | Guitar Chords

After a public breakdown, this trop house track marked Bieber’s comeback. Co-written with Jason Boyd and Mason Levy, this pop single features a catchy synth melody and Bieber singing about romantic confusion.

Guitar players will find it accessible as it primarily uses basic chords like Cadd9, G, Em, and D. To create a slightly different sound and feel, use chord D/F# (F# is the bass note) instead of D.  The chord progression is easy to follow, making it a great choice for beginners.

Marking a more mature sound for Bieber, “What Do You Mean?” dominated charts worldwide becoming his first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100. I heard this song all over the radio when it first came out.

7. Love Me

YouTube video

Album: My World (2009) | Guitar Chords

Guitar players will find this song quite beginner-friendly, as it primarily uses only four basic chords like Am, Dm, C and G. The verse and chorus move between these chords in a simple progression and with no specified strumming pattern, beginners can experiment with what fits best.

The simplicity of the chords and progressions makes “Love Me” a great starter song to practice transitions between chords and strumming patterns. As an early single, it showed his potential as a rising pop star who could also appeal to R&B audiences.

An interesting fact is the chorus interpolates the Swedish band The Cardigans’ hit “Lovefool,” receiving praise for its creative electro/club feel. 

8. Never Say Never

YouTube video

Album: My Worlds: The Collection (2010) | Guitar Chords

Never Say Never” is a popular song by Justin Bieber featuring actor and rapper Jaden Smith. The song became another big hit for Bieber, topping charts around the world. Its inspirational message encourages believing in your dreams and resonates with fans.

While the basic chord progressions make it an easy win for aspiring guitar players, the upbeat melody features basic chord changes like Am, C, G and D, making it an empowering and easy tune for beginners to learn on guitar. The strumming pattern is a simple 4/4 beat, which is great for practicing rhythm and timing.

Fun Fact: The song was originally a risqué demo with sexual lyrics performed by American singer Travis Garland. It was rewritten by Bieber and his team to feature inspirational lyrics, making it a perfect fit for the theme of the film “The Karate Kid”.

9. As Long As You Love Me

YouTube video

Album: Believe (2012) | Guitar Chords

“As Long as You Love Me” is a popular Justin Bieber song released in 2012 from his album “Believe.” The song features a blend of pop and R&B elements, showcasing Bieber’s vocal talents and maturity as an artist.

Guitar players will appreciate the song’s use of basic chords like Am, F and G, making it one of the easy songs to learn for beginners. There’s also an opportunity for those who want to challenge themselves with barre chords in the chorus.

An interesting fact about the song is that it was co-written by Nasri Atweh of the band Magic!, adding a unique touch to the song’s composition. Bieber’s heartfelt performance in “As Long as You Love Me” resonates with fans and stands as a memorable addition to his music repertoire.

10. Mistletoe 

YouTube video

Album: Under the Mistletoe (2011) | Guitar Chords

“Mistletoe” is a holiday gem in Justin Bieber’s music catalog as a stand-alone Christmas-themed single. This catchy, cheerful song combines Bieber’s signature pop style with a festive spirit.

Guitar players will enjoy the song’s straightforward chord shapes like G, D, Em and C, making it a great choice for beginners.

It’s an excellent choice for those looking to strum along during the festive season or as part of a guitar lesson for beginners, spreading some Christmas cheer.

An intriguing fact about “Mistletoe” is that it was co-written by Bieber, along with his producers Nasri Atweh and Adam Messinger, which highlights his songwriting skills. This collaboration resulted in the song’s cozy, romantic lyrics and a catchy melody, cementing it as a holiday classic.

11. Intentions 

YouTube video

Album: Changes (2020) | Guitar Chords

This R&B pop track by Justin Bieber featuring Quavo is a fantastic song for beginners to learn on the guitar. The upbeat track utilizes common guitar chords like G (or Gmaj7), Em, and Cadd9.

The Cadd9 chord is relatively simple yet adds complexity, making it great for beginners to practice once they’ve mastered basic open chords. The “add9” means a note is added to the chord (the 9th note in the scale) which gives a richer sound.

As both a fun, guitar-driven pop song and a socially conscious work, “Intentions” shows Bieber’s artistry and personal growth. As a fan, I enjoy singing along to this catchy, uplifting tune.

Fun Fact: Bieber created the Intentions fund with Quavo, pledging $200,000 to support families at Alexandria House.

12. Holy

YouTube video

Album: Justice (2021) | Guitar Chords

“Holy” is a gospel-tinged pop single released by Justin Bieber, featuring American rapper Chance the Rapper. The hymn-like song expresses the artists’ devotion to their loved ones and faith in God. 

Beginner guitar players can easily learn this song in the key of C major. It features uncomplicated chord progressions such as C, G/B, Am7, and F, made even more accessible with a capo on the 6th fret.

The song debuted at number three on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Bieber’s 20th top ten hit. “Holy” showcases Bieber’s vocal range and ability to blend genres, while featuring Chance the Rapper’s signature style. 

The song’s themes of love, hope, and faith resonated with many listeners and provided a soothing, spiritual message during the pandemic. It was a personal favorite from Bieber’s 2020 album.

13. I Don’t Care

YouTube video

Album: No.6 Collaborations Project (2019) | Guitar Chords

Justin Bieber’s pop single “I Don’t Care” is an upbeat collaboration with Ed Sheeran about not caring what others think when you’re with someone you love.

Co-written by Bieber, Sheeran, Max Martin, and others, the song has a simple repeating chord progression using basic open chords like E, C#m, A, and B which makes it easy for beginner guitar players to learn. 

With a tempo of 100 BPM, this danceable track reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. It combines an upbeat pop sound with a message of love conquering challenges, and the blend of Sheeran and Bieber’s styles works harmoniously. Its fun music video matches the song’s carefree vibe.

14. Lonely

YouTube video

Album: Justice (2021) | Guitar Chords

A stripped-down piano ballad, this collaboration with Benny Blanco and Finneas is one of Bieber’s most emotional songs. In this track, Bieber’s evocative vocals convey feelings of isolation and regret against a gentle guitar and piano backdrop, which features minimalist production.

Simple open chords like F, Em, Am and G capture the mood. Though a departure from his early, upbeat hits, “Lonely” shows Bieber maturing as a serious artist and guitarist, now able to connect with listeners through vulnerability.

While not the easiest song for beginners, “Lonely” provides a great opportunity for intermediate players to practice musicality and convey feeling through chords and strumming patterns. 

15. Anyone

YouTube video

Album: Justice (2021) | Guitar Chords

Justin Bieber’s music continues to captivate audiences worldwide. His 2021 single “Anyone” exemplifies his ability to convey raw emotion through catchy pop melodies.

Drawing guitar players in with its simple chords, D, G, D/F#, A, and Bm, the song features Bieber’s soulful vocals professing devotion to his wife Hailey. Though it does not specifically utilize barre chords, the basic open chord shapes allow recreational players to strum along.

“Anyone” marks a more mature musical era for Bieber, having been nominated for a Grammy. The minimalist ballad shows off his powerful vocal range and lyrics that connect with listeners on a personal level.

Fans have come to expect vulnerable songwriting from the global superstar, and this solo single delivers a sincerely from-the-heart serenade.

16. Yummy

YouTube video

Album: Changes (2020)  | Guitar Chords

Marking Bieber’s comeback after a musical hiatus, this upbeat R&B track features playful lyrics using food as a metaphor for romance. The funky beat and Bieber’s smooth vocals blend pop, soul, and hip-hop influences.

For guitar players interested in learning it, the chords are Am/D and Em7 played with a capo on the 5th fret. The strumming pattern is DU UD DU UD D D.

An intriguing fact about “Yummy” is that it offers fans a glimpse into Bieber’s personal life through its love song lyrics dedicated to his wife. Overall, “Yummy” showcases Justin Bieber’s signature pop sound and smooth vocals.

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