Bonnie Owens: Queen of Country Music Hits

Bonnie Owens: Queen of Country Music Hits

Bonnie Owens was a pioneering country music singer and songwriter who had a lasting influence in the Bakersfield sound and California country scene. She performed with legends like Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, inspiring some of their most popular songs. Owens released several solo albums in the 1960s and toured for over 40 years.

She grew up around country music and started performing at a young age. After early success with Capitol Records and a fruitful musical partnership with Buck Owens, she married the star in 1948.

Later, she helped inspire Merle Haggard’s songwriting, touring with his band and co-writing classics like “Today I Started Loving You Again.” They married as well from 1965-1978.

Throughout her long career, Bonnie Owens collaborated with icons like Glen Campbell, Wanda Jackson, Tommy Collins and many more. She earned the nickname “Queen of the Coast” through her talents and longevity in the California country scene.

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