Bell Bottom Country: Flying High with Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson Bell Bottom Country Songs

Have you heard the name Lainey Wilson lately? There’s a good chance you have, with her award-winning album “Bell Bottom Country” sweeping both fans and critics off their boots. This Louisiana-born songstress is bringing her eclectic brand of hillbilly hippie country to the mainstream, with a passion that runs as deep as a backroad dust trail.

In just over a decade, Lainey has skyrocketed from playing dive bars in Nashville to becoming the CMA Awards Entertainer of the Year. Her lyrics resonate with a generation of music fans longing for authentic stories from the heartland. She’s got grit, vulnerability, and a truckload of talent propelling her success.

So how did this unconventional country artist shoot to stardom with the unfalteringly country record, “Bell Bottom Country”? Grab your cowboy boots and southern twang, because we’re diving deep into the bayou roots, creative spirit, and brave journey that built the sensational Lainey Wilson.

Lainey’s Musical Influences Showcase Her Bold Artistry

Lainey grew up in rural Louisiana immersed in the sounds of the South. The prominent country and Cajun styles of the region bleed through in her fiery vocals and flavorful songwriting.

You can hear hints of legends like Loretta Lynn and Jerry Reed in her phrasing, alongside the bluesy soul of the bayou. But while Lainey tips her hat to tradition, she’s pioneered her own brand of country.

She affectionately calls her music “Bell Bottom Country,” encapsulating her funky fusion of country, rock, blues and soul. “Hillbilly hippie” is another fitting tagline for the genre-bending artist.

Lainey’s hits showcase her versatility while maintaining old school country roots. The irresistibly fun “Grease” will have you bootstompin’ alongside steel guitars, while her smash single “Heart Like A Truck” embodies emotional storytelling with contemporary country sensibilities.

Even a cover song like “What’s Up” gets the Bell Bottom treatment, as Wilson makes 4 Non Blondes’ ’90s hit her own with a bluesy country twist. Fans can’t get enough of hearing this fiery-voiced performer tear up a stage, belting out ballads, amped up anthems and everything in between with passion.

Whether you prefer your country tear-in-my-beer or boot-kickin’, Lainey’s got you covered. Rather than conforming to a narrow musical brand, she makes her own rules as a hillbilly hippie. And that fearless artistry is getting her noticed, as she flies high with 3 Grammy nominations for “Bell Bottom Country” in 2022.

An Intimate Look at Lainey’s Songwriting on “Bell Bottom Country”

Despite her zany personality, Lainey Wilson is fiercely dedicated to her craft as both a songwriter and vocalist. “Bell Bottom Country” began as just a concept years ago, an idea to christen her unique hybrid style. But that ambiguous phrase became the springboard for vulnerably sharing her life experiences through song.

The creative Nashville star wrote 8 of the 14 tracks on the album back in the writers’ room, pouring her heart into lyrics, from danceable party songs to tear-jerking ballads. Fans get a deeply personal glimpse into her journey on “Those Boots (Deddy’s Song)” and “Live Off.” The project taps into universal themes of loss, love and coming-of-age memories.

Wilson teamed up with hit-makers like Shane McAnally, Zach Crowell, Casey Brown, and others to record at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville with producer extraordinaire Jay Joyce. The collaborative effort brought Willowdean’s original compositions to life with full arrangements and masterful musicianship. Reviews glowed bright, with critics praising her “bright” and “peppy” style.

Of the standout tracks, “Watermelon Moonshine” earned Wilson her first CMA and ACM Award for Song of the Year in 2022. The tune whisks you down memory lane to reminisce on young love and summertime nostalgia. When Lainey performs it live with her signature growl, it’s electric.

Another album highlight is “Heart Like A Truck,” now certified Platinum with well over 500,000 sales. It’s essentially Lainey’s artistic mission statement, with that repeating chorus affirming her dedication through thick and thin.

The anthemic lyrics, western imagery, and propulsive beat spawned a slew of viral TikTok trends that boosted its popularity. You can’t scroll far without seeing someone attempting the track’s signature dance moves!

For all its critical success though, Lainey confesses making personal music is “really scary.” As she told iHeart Country, “You’re laying your diary out for the whole world to read.” But clearly fans connected, propelling first single “Things a Man Oughta Know” to the #1 spot on country radio in record time.

Lainey’s Long Road to Overnight Success

Speaking of that #1 country radio hit, it certainly didn’t come easy for Ms. Wilson. She spent over a decade striving to break into the industry, facing endless rejection in Nashville. Early on, the aspiring singer/songwriter played music anywhere she could around Music City – dive bars, writers’ rounds, back porches.

During the lean years, Lainey lived rent-free in her camper trailer, imagining her big break. As she told the Tennesseean, “I knew that I would be here. I knew that with every fiber of my being.” Her perseverance is paying off in 2022, as she tops charts and makes history. But it’s still surreal for her to have gone from a no-name to Nashville’s newest star almost overnight.

Lainey admits she came close to giving up many times. In one interview with CBS, she confessed, “There were moments I didn’t think it would actually happen for me…Thought about throwing in the towel, maybe this isn’t what I’m meant to do.”

She credits her supportive family and belief in her musical purpose for pushing her through those make-or-break times. Having that unwavering inner resolve and determination, despite external setbacks, gave her strength.

Now, all those miles on the road and songs sung in empty bars built Lainey Wilson into an incredibly talented vocalist and commanding stage presence. She has a lot of lost time to make up for as she claims her spot at the top. And you better believe she is cherishing every minute up on that big ole stage, soaking up the spotlight she worked a decade for.

Lainey’s Show-Stopping Year Breaks Records

When it comes to success metrics over the past year, no numbers quantify Wilson’s monumental rise more than her industry accolades. Let’s break down this history-making period:

6 – Number of CMA nominations she scored in 2022, tying Miranda Lambert’s record for most nods received by a female artist

5 – CMA awards she nabbed at November 2022’s star-studded show, a first-time feat. Categories included Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Music Video of the Year and more

1 – The coveted CMA Entertainer of the Year award she won, becoming the first solo female artist to do so since 2011

Clearly, “Bell Bottom Country” propelled Lainey Wilson straight to the top of Nashville’s elite in just 12 months. She also made her acting debut in 2022 on the massively popular show “Yellowstone” as a country singer. The breakout role showcases her musical talents and signature style performing songs like “Workin’ Overtime.”

Between the critically acclaimed album, chart-topping singles, CMA sweep, ACM wins, and primetime acting gig, Lainey Wilson had the kind of Big Nashville Moment most artists only dream of. She has well and truly arrived.

And with Lainey’s first headlining “Country with a Flare” Tour kicking off in January 2023, she’ll finally get the chance to share all that hard-won success with her loyal fans.

Expect her signature colorful bellbottoms when she plays for packed arenas nationwide all year. Priority #1 for this Cajun Queen is making lifelong memories with the folks who supported her ambitious journey.

Lainey Wilson Stays Grounded Despite Fame

For all her stratospheric success and star status though, Lainey has stayed remarkably true to herself. She rocks her signature fringe and hippie headbands as a motto for self-acceptance – “You be you; I’ll be me”. Approaching stardom with confident authenticity has enabled her to stand out, while still embracing her quirks.

Remaining connected to her Louisiana roots also grounds the rising artist. She frequently name-drops her hometown Ruston in interviews while acknowledging the family and neighbors who believed in her talent long before Nashville did.

Music Row’s newest “It Girl” explains her homegrown sound and style best by saying, “I feel like I’m representing not only country music really well, but my backroads and where I come from.”

Bell Bottom Country: How Lainey Wilson Is Flying High

Like the fiery phoenix rising from the ashes, Lainey Wilson exemplifies overnight success achieved through dogged perseverance. For over 10 years, she kept singing her heart out through every open mic and empty bar. Now “Bell Bottom Country” has rocketed her into country music icon status virtually overnight as the CMA’s chosen Entertainer of the Year.

Lainey’s brand of eclectic country certainly won’t be for everyone. But with 3 Grammy nods and a proven radio hit-making knack, this unconventional songstress is undoubtedly making her mark. She’s broken the mold of what an authentic, talented female country artist can achieve in Nashville.

Thanks to her musical versatility and loosey-goosey style, Lainey Wilson resonates across demographics from Gen Z to boomers. The accessibility coupled with rootsy songwriting has branded this Bayou songbird as country music’s next big thing.

So crank up the newcomer single “New Friends” and get ready to hop on the Lainey Wilson fan train as it flies full steam ahead! Her passion and artistry have certainly captured our attention, with much more still to come.

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