Taylor GS Mini Review: Is it the Best Investment?

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Taylor Guitars – the all-American No. 1 guitar manufacturer of Acoustic Guitars on the market in the USA, is just as dependable and squeaky clean as apple pie. And that made us interested to do Taylor GS Mini Review.

Known for its innovative use of exotic tonewoods to increase sound quality, Taylor is a favorite of veteran musicians such as Prince and Dave Carroll. Unseasoned enthusiasts also know the brand for its quality craftsmanship, and innovative use of technology. Now Taylor delivers even more in the form of the GS Mini, a touch above all other beginner-friendly small guitars.

Taylor GS Mini Rosewood

Taylor GS Mini Rosewood Review

Here in this Mini Taylor guitar review, you will get to know why this is hailed as an exemplary first-rate instructional tool when it comes to learning how to play for beginners. Taylor has been perfecting its mini models for almost 25 years now – pristine portability, perfect projection, and perennial playability.

It may as well be called the P mini for its perfection. Perfected and designed by Bob Taylor while being inspired by their scaled-down Grand Symphony line. These Rosewood mini produce loud sound, boast excellent projection and provide good pickup options like their forefathers.

Key Specification

First, check out the key specification that is the same for all Taylor GS Mini versions:

Scale Length23.50″Body Length17.625″
Body Depth4.437″Body Width14.375″
Neck Width1.687″FinishVarnish
Number of Frets20StringsElixir Phosphor Bronze

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Pretty-Looking Guitar

As for its physical attributes, it falls between Baby Taylor and Big Baby. It is as portable as the Baby but slightly bigger to increase the sound quality and volume.

But this size is compact enough to wonderfully suit beginners and those who want to play guitar with small hands. Taylor GS Mini guitar’s physics also allows the skilled guitarist to assign this small guitar as an acoustic travel guitar or as a composition guitar.

An exquisite, classic model – in every sense the exotic beauty of an acoustic guitar – it comes in classic natural. It is minimalistic, very traditional in appearance and aesthetic making it a personal favorite as well as a concept very on-trend nowadays.

Taylor GS Mini Rosewood

Simple purfling on the top edge and the classic rosette surrounding the soundhole create a minimalist look but stand apart from other competitors. It has a varnish finish from top to end that keeps it looking fresh though this may cause problems for on-the-go trips and extensive traveling.

The GS Mini’s magnificent pristine beauty compels any well-seasoned guitar lover’s appreciation, for both the melodic resonant sounds it strums and the physically clean, precise build and grace of the instrument. If you’re going to play, you best have a partner that sounds this good and looks this great!

Trusted Build Quality

Made in rosewood veneer back and sides; its deep but small body shape allows maximum volume. This acoustic guitar can produce a warm, bolder clean tone with rich bass and thick trebles; when strummed softly or even with a medium attack.

Not to mention its clean, uncomplicated structure will enable it to be less daunting and cozy in the arms of an aspiring player.

Here solid Sitka Spruce top is crowned with an ebony bridge and Nubone nut & saddle, also strengthen internally by X-bracing with Relief Route.

The patented, bolt-on neck is a trusted Taylor favorite, made, and improved with the classic New Technology (NT) Taylor has become known for. Taylor Guitar NT Neck differs from other guitar necks by using one continuous piece of wood all the way to the 19th fret to support the standard ebony fingerboard.

The Die-Cast Chrome tuners are the miniature version of standard Taylor tuners, and the quality is not up to the mark. They slip often and do not hold tune as expected from a Taylor guitar.

Finally, the guitar came with standard and well-crafted Elixir Phosphor Bronze medium gauge strings with NANOWEB Coating.

Sound Quality

At this point in the Taylor Mini rosewood guitar review, let’s move on to the meat of the matter- the sound quality. Taylor GS mini passes with flying colors with its crystal-clear high notes, balanced melodic low and mid notes.

It is uncommonly loud as a full-size guitar, has lots of dynamic range and the sound is not as compressed as the mahogany top. Thanks to its spruce top for producing an overall brighter and louder sound. It doesn’t even have that characteristic jagged noise that comes with most beginner models through its bass quality that may leave some wanting. 

The overall sounds that come from the Taylor Mini are distinctive, as it is not usually found in beginner models, which would make it an excelling record guitar.  The sound quality is on par with Taylor’s more expensive lineup, thus showcasing Taylor’s incredible quality control across the board.

It is by no means their $2000 one, but it is no doubt one of the best Taylor guitars for beginners and even intermediary players. There’s incredible tonal depth, strength, and resonance, giving the guitar its own voice and sweet sound that could compete against all of its counterparts.

Playability: A Beauty To Play

For playability, Taylor’s Grand Symphony Mini guitar is second to none. The Mini’s reduced scale length makes playing guitar fun and easy. It is a breeze to play; your fingers will feel like they’re dancing on the fretboard. Fretting is easy and relaxed, requiring no substantial effort.

In both fingerpicking and pick picking, this is perfect for those younger aspiring Neil Young’s out there or even a smooth John Mayer.

The NT neck design allows for more control than any other travel guitar on the market. Overall, this makes the GS Mini, a beauty to play, a siren to hear, and a guitar to treasure.

As well as all of that Taylor offers you its gig bag with backpack straps to keep the dust, termites, and negligence away from your trusty guitar.  Not to mention scratches. 

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent build and design.
  • Great sound quality is comparable with Taylor’s high-end guitar’s expensive lineup.
  • A perfect instrument for frequent travelers.
  • Mostly durable materials are used to make this quality instrument.


  • The thin finish doesn’t protect from road wear.
  • A bit expensive compared to other brands.

Available GS Mini Variants

TitleVariationKey Features
GS Mini MahoganyAcoustic• Solid mahogany top
• Layered Sapele body woods
• Sapele Neck/Heel
• Can add Custom ES-Go™ pickup (sold separately)
GS Mini KoaAcoustic• Solid Sitka spruce top
• Layered Hawaiian Koa woods
• Spruce Neck
GS Mini-e RosewoodAcoustic-Electric• Layered rosewood back and sides
• Solid Sitka spruce top
• Mahogany Neck
• Built-in electronics (ES-B)
GS Mini-e Mahogany Acoustic-Electric • Solid Tropical mahogany top
• Layered Sapele body woods
• Sapele Neck/Heel
• Onboard ES-B pickup and preamp
GS Mini-e Koa Acoustic-Electric • Solid Hawaiian koa top with layered koa back and sides
• Sapele Neck/Heel
• Onboard ES-B electronics
• Built-in digital chromatic tuner with an LED display
GS Mini-e Koa Plus Acoustic-Electric • Layered Hawaiian koa back and sides
• Solid koa top
• Tropical Mahogany Neck
• Built-in electronics (Expression System® 2)
• Includes Taylor AeroCase

Check out this latest video comparison of Taylor GS Mini Guitar (Rosewood, Mahogany, Koa, Koa Plus):

YouTube video

Mini Alternatives

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Taylor Baby Taylor BTe-Koa Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
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  • This limited-edition version features a beautiful Hawaiian koa top

Final Words

Capping off at around 500 dollars for the whole set, this great-sounding portable instrument is a bargain for the discerning buyer. Taylor does a brilliant job playing to its strengths with the overarching precise and solid clarity of sounds, ease of playing, and traditional acoustic aesthetic.

With Taylor, you are getting its premium brand status as well as its long history in the very best acoustics at less than 25 percent of its regular Grand Symphony Acoustics.

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