5 Best Tanglewood Guitars Review: A UK Brand Guide

Best Tanglewood Guitars Review
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When we hear the name “Tanglewood Guitars”, we instantly think of stylish guitars with rich acoustics. Even after more than 30 years in the guitar-making industry, Tanglewood continues to surprise us with top-notch designs and premium guitars. That’s why we’re so excited to write this review of Tanglewood Acoustic Guitars.

If you’re interested in buying a particular model from this brand, here sign in to check some of the top options you might want to consider.

Tanglewood Acoustic Guitars Review For Beginners

1. TW4 WB Super Folk: Best Tanglewood Acoustic Guitar

Tanglewood TW4 WB Super Folk Electro Acoustic Guitar, Solid Cedar Top, with EQ

Let’s start with the premium Tanglewood TW4 WB Super Folk Electro Acoustic Guitar. This guitar offers a high-quality construction with mahogany for its body, back, sides, and neck for that loud yet earthy tonality.

The solid cedar top creates a warm tone that’s resonated with all the mahogany. The TW4 WB’s construction is completed with a rosewood fingerboard that softens the tone, giving you unmatched acoustics.

And to top all that off, the TW4 WB Super Folk Electro Acoustic Guitar comes with a built-in pickup and preamp system – giving you an unimaginable amount of control. Without a doubt, this guitar will help you produce the perfect sound that will unleash your musical genius.


  • Very stylish.
  • Has premium construction.
  • Comes with a built-in EQ.
  • Creates rich tones.
  • Offers superior projection.


  • Quite pricey.


We have to be honest in this Tanglewood Winterleaf review: if it weren’t for its expensive price tag, the TW4 WB can easily be the top-rated Tanglewood acoustic guitar on the market. With its premium construction, rich tonality, and unmatched playability, all other electro-acoustic guitars will surely bow down.

2. TWUF Union Folk Guitar: Perfect for Beginners

Tanglewood TWUF Union Folk Acoustic Guitar - Natural Satin

If the TW4 WB is too expensive for you, the Tanglewood TWUF Union Folk Acoustic Guitar would be a great alternative. This guitar similarly has a premium mahogany construction ( solid top, laminate back, and sides) to deliver that loud yet rich tone but retails for a more affordable price.

This guitar has a slimmer body with sleek curves, making it easy to carry regardless of your playing position. These smaller dimensions also make it easier for petite players to cradle, making it great a great entry-level guitar for teenagers.

It even has an Eboncore fretboard with dot inlays to serve as a guide for easier playing. Without a doubt, the TWUF Union Folk Acoustic makes a great beginner guitar.


  • Comfortable to hold and play with.
  • Guide dots on the fingerboard for the user.
  • Delivers a warm sound.
  • Affordable.


  • The action seems high for some players.
  • Making adjustments can be tricky for beginners.


After this Tanglewood acoustic guitar review, we believe the TWUF Union Folk offers the best value for the money. This dotted fingerboard and slimmer dimensions make it perfect for beginners, while its affordability is perfect for music enthusiasts on a budget.

3. Discovery DBT SFCE BW Guitar: Premium Feels In Entry Level

Tanglewood Discovery DBT SFCE BW Electro-Acoustic Guitar

If you prefer an electro-acoustic guitar that delivers a crisp yet resonant sound, then this Tanglewood Discovery review is for you.

The Tanglewood Discovery DBT SFCE BW Electro Acoustic Guitar comes with the Super Folk shape body coupled with a spruce top and mahogany neck. This gives it a loud sound that’s balanced and easy to sustain. This is completed with black walnut back and sides, so you can count on that mid-dominant resonance to deliver quality music for your shows.

It also has a rosewood fingerboard that’s strong and easy to play with.


  • Has a nice feel and finish.
  • Easy to play.
  • Uses premium materials.


  • The action is a little high for some players.


The Tanglewood Discovery DBT SFCE BW Electro-Acoustic Guitar is perfect for the avid performer who prefers a natural-looking guitar that delivers excellent acoustics. And the fact that it’s affordable is a bonus.

4. TWR2 PE Roadster II Series Guitar: For Warmer Tone

Tanglewood - 'TWR2 PE' Roadster II Series Electro Acoustic Guitar

If there’s anything that comes to mind when we see the Tanglewood Roadster II, it’s sophistication and style. But there’s more to it than its superb aesthetics.

It is built with a cedar top with mahogany back and sides, so expect a room-filling sound from this parlour shape guitar. The cedar top complements the mahogany to give off warmer tones. You can count on the TWR2 PE Roadster II Series Electro Acoustic Guitar to deliver relaxing tunes throughout the day.

Also, cedar tops are known to age better, so you can expect better sounds through the years. That makes it quite the investment.


  • Uses premium and durable materials.
  • Produces a warm and rich tone.
  • Stylish.
  • Offers good value for the money.


  • As of writing, there are no negative reviews of this item.


For those who are looking for an electro-guitar that produces tones on the warmer end of the spectrum, then the stylish TWR2 PE Roadster II Series Electro Acoustic Guitar is perfect for you.

5. TWBBO Blackbird Folk Guitar: Feeling of 1940/50’s Era

Tanglewood TWBBO Blackbird Folk Acoustic Guitar - Smokestack Black Satin

The Tanglewood TWBBO Blackbird Folk Acoustic Guitar has a vintage vibe to it, thanks to its charcoal-colored exterior. With the help of modern design techniques and engineering, this acoustic guitar delivers better resonance than its predecessors.

It has a mahogany construction, so you can expect that full and rich tones to complete any accompaniment. This feature allows it to produce impressive tone quality, which makes it hard to believe how affordable it is.

And thanks to its Smokestack Black Satin finish, there’s no denying that you’ll be the star of the show.


  • Very affordable.
  • Offers superior resonance.
  • Eye-catching vintage aesthetics.


  • As of writing, there are no negative reviews of this item.


Hands down, the TWBBO Blackbird Folk Guitar is the best budget entry-level acoustic guitar. Its rich acoustics can easily captivate your audience, while its vintage charcoal design guarantees that all eyes are on you throughout your performance.

Why Should You Buy A Tanglewood Acoustic Guitar?

There are so many reasons why you should buy a Tanglewood acoustic guitar. Here are some of the key points for you to consider.

Tone Woods: More than anything, Tanglewood is known for its superb tonewood selection. The company knows the tone each tonewood produces, and that knowledge allows it to create the perfect acoustics for each guitar. You can only expect top-tier sound quality from this guitar manufacturer.

Shape and Size: They offer a wide range of guitar models that come in all shapes and sizes. But regardless of their sizes, Tanglewood remains comfortably playable for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll surely find the right guitar to match your needs.

Durability: For decades, Tanglewood remained on top of its game, thanks to its premium guitar construction. The brand only uses the finest material to ensure that each one is built to last for a long time and provide a good experience at the same time.

Price Range: While Tanglewood doesn’t offer the most affordable guitars in the market, all of its guitars retail at reasonable prices. Their instruments are not overpriced like some premium brands like Gibson or Martin Guitars.

Aesthetics: And finally, we can’t deny the eye-catching aesthetics of Tanglewood instruments. Whether you prefer a natural look or one with vintage vibes, there’s no denying that these guitars are quite stylish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tanglewood guitars good?

Yes. Tanglewood Guitars are as good as their price point. It delivers excellent sound quality at reasonable prices and is mostly known for being durable and highly playable. Their wide range of offerings easily makes them Britain’s best-selling guitar brand.

Where are Tanglewood guitars made?

Tanglewood design its instruments in the United Kingdom, which are then manufactured in China. Nevertheless, the company follows strict quality control, so you can expect top-notch quality guitars from this house.

Alternative Guitars of Tanglewood (for beginners)

We have reviewed here good quality value for money acoustic guitars from Tanglewood. There are a few other popular brands such as Yamaha, Fender, and Epiphone that produce some quality guitars at a reasonable price. These guitars would be appropriate for beginners as a first guitar and an intermediate or pro-level guitar player can keep them as additional gear or as a practice guitar.

Here are some entry-level acoustic guitars that we recommend as an alternative to the Tanglewood.

Final Thoughts

With decades of providing us with premium acoustic guitars under its belt, Tanglewood does not disappoint. If anything, this English manufacturer has used its time to perfect its craft, so we can always expect the best from them. No wonder it’s dubbed Britain’s best.

After reading our review of Tanglewood Acoustic Guitars, we hope you were finally able to find the one that best suits your needs. We made sure to pick the crème of the crop, so you can count on their quality, performance, and sound.

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