How to Pack a Guitar for Flight: Best tips for 2020


What’s worse than forgetting your earphones back home? Leaving your best friend, your guitar, behind because you didn’t know how to pack. Well, to live and you learn! Today, we are going to teach you How to Pack a Guitar For Flight. This has been one of the most requested topics for us, and we are here to deliver.

Stay tuned as we simplify and walk you through all the steps you must take to ensure that you can safely travel with your guitar without a broken fretboard and snapped strings. Let’s start!

How to Pack a Guitar for Flight

1. Make a list

Nothing can replace planning and listing like on pen and paper. No matter how good your memory is, you’ll always seem to miss out on one thing or the other if you simple shove random things in your case as you please.

We strongly suggest that you put packing your guitar to the side, and sit down with a pen and paper. List down everything you need. The guitar (DUH!), extra picks, extra strings, any pickups, etc. Don’t forget to carry your personal essentials like a cleaning rag, note papers, etc.

2. Gather what’s on the list

Alright, with that out of the way, now it’s time to scout out each of the things on your list from all over your room and place them together on the bed. Place them nice and neatly side by side and check your list to see if you’ve missed anything, or need to make any quick purchases.

With that done, we recommend carrying out a quick wiping and cleaning action of each of the elements on your list for good measure.

3. Choose the right guitar for travel

This part hands down one of the most important parts of pre-flight packing. Not every guitar can travel well. Choosing the right guitar to travel with you is therefore very important.

However, if you have just one guitar, then whatever. Mind you, an acoustic is always easier to travel with than an electric thanks to the absence of amp, transducers, etc.

4. Invest in a bloody good flight case

Do NOT get a gig bag! The bag you use to carry your guitar from your place to your friends isn’t a proper case for a flight! There is so much impact and push and pulling and kicking involving when your guitar is going through customs or check-in.

And God have mercy on those unnecessarily pissed off baggage handlers. So, stop playing with your luck and get a proper, high-quality, TSA approved flight case for your guitar.

5. Bubble wrap, bubble wrap!

Bubble wraps are going to become your best friends when you are moving or traveling with your precious babies. Drive to the home depot and get as much as you need.

This will be used to line the guitar case, very liberally if we may say so, in order to create a cushion for it against the oncoming impacts through the traveling process. You will also be using bubble wrap to wrap and cover pretty much the entire guitar.

6. Start packing!

Now, that everything is set! It is finally time and you start packing your stuff into the flight case. Pack everything orderly and neatly. Don’t stack things on top of one another and don’t just shove things in and shut the case.

This is a total no-no! This not only invites scratches and dents, but there’s a very good chance you could break or tear something inside.

Your flight case has plenty of space and specifically designated slots and chambers for everything, so take the time to place things where they need to be placed. You should also find a small compartment box to carry tiny items like picks. 

7. Extra protection

It is important that provide extra protection on certain vulnerable parts of your guitar. This includes the curved edges, the neck, and the headstock. Wrap these places up with extra bubble wrap for more protection.

Tips and Tricks on How to Pack a Guitar

Here are more tips and tricks which you should follow. We also discuss some guitar tips for the best ways to rock the world. You can check that out, too.

Loosen the strings

Any sort of push or impact against a very tightly tuned strings can cause it to snap and tear. It is therefore very useful to loosen up the strings before packing and wrapping up the guitar.

Label your case

A guitar case may not be the most blending-in sort of baggage in the airport, but it helps tremendously to have it labeled. This could help you find it back just in case it gets lost or stolen. Labeling the case also makes it easier to identify.

Lock it!

We highly recommend that you buy a TSA-approved padlock, or any sort of lock for that matter, to lock your guitar flight case. Apart from the obvious event of theft, there’s also a good chance that the case can come undone from any sort of impact. Locking ensures that you get into none of that mess.

That’s all. Now you know how to pack a guitar for flight and it’s action time. Pack your loving guitar and catch the early flight!

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