Are you looking for a guitar that is light and also good for your first time experience? If so, then we have the perfect guitar for you! Today in our Epiphone Dr-100 Review, we will explain all the things that will make your mind beg to buy this beauty right away. It is not only suitable for you but can also be a starter pack for your 11-year old kid.  

The best part about this Epiphone Dr-100 model is that it can be purchased within a very tight budget which all of the beginners seek mostly. Though we might not call it the best one, it is up to the mark for the beginners. 

Now without further due, let’s check out the Dr-100’s features and see if it fits your personal choice.

Epiphone Dr-100 Review

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Features in Epiphone Dr-100 Review:

Materials and Body

Epiphone Dr-100 acoustic guitar vintage sunburst has an even finished touch of a mahogany body with a select spruce for the top. The glued-in set neck is also consisted of mahogany, while this dreadnought is incorporated with a truss rod. Worth mentioning, the bridge and fingerboard are rosewood, which, along with the mahogany neck, contributes toEpiphone Dr-100 Acoustic Guitar complex highs and thick lows. Embellished within the pearloid dot inlay the fingerboard allows this Epiphone specific to guide the user’s hand to the notes he/she intends on playing. Allowing more pressure on the nut it has 14-degree headstock, a compensated synthetic saddle, a synthetic nut and set of die-cast tuners. With this pleasing material appearance, Dr-100 can be more likely called similar to another Epiphone model PR-4E. But you will mostly find the difference in Epiphone Dr-100 price.

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Speaking of the comfortability the Dr-100 provides better cut-out body design than other acoustic guitars which enables the guitarist to play with ease. There are no dead spots anywhere on the fretboard, so you won’t get any buzz. The neck features Epiphone’s SlimTaper profile. When you will compare this to your standard neck you will find out that it allows much more speed than compromising grip. We have to say this is indeed an appreciable stance taken by the company to impart better service.

On another note, the slim neck is comfortable especially for small hand guitarists yet I don’t think it will cause many problems to others either. What will give most pleasure to the beginners is that it is light enough to play either standing or sitting any way you like.  


The most important aspect of a guitar is producing the perfect resonance. As we were talking about the Epiphone Dr-100 acoustic guitar, we can see it has all of the Epiphone Dr-100 Acoustic Guitar Equipmentquintessential body material to soothe your ears. You can even change the steel strings and replace the plastic bridge pins in case you want to upgrade the sound.

Though it lacks a bit in the low-end response it is okay with an abundance of clarity in the mid and upper range. Unlike other cheap acoustic guitars, Epiphone Dr-100 is capable of playing in all styles. You can play bluegrass, folk, rock, country and almost everything in between with this classic Dreadnought. So prepare yourself to enthuse your friends and family with the mellifluous sound of this little beast!


This sunburst vintage Dr-100 is complete in materials, craftsmanship, and finish. The design is comprehensive with wood grain fading to the black edges. These edges are meticulously taken care of with the touch of a white trim which makes it look more expensive than it is priced. It comes up in a tightly packed good box, wrapped in protective covering and padded with much bubble wrap. There are no picks or capo or extra strings. Eventually, no case and strap are either included. Though I think it is better not to have paying for these cheap accessories.

Epiphone Dr-100 has some great tuners which work very well holding the tunes. With a pick and capo, this guitar can play all sorts of songs. In case you need to change the steel strings you can use some elixir medium gauge poly web. It sounds awesome!

We assure you, Epiphone Dr-100 review, not only focus on the beautiful sides of this guitar but we also found out the bad buzz you want to know before buying. Let’s have some of the pros and cons side by side:


  • The guitar is strong yet lightweight makes it more comfortable for everyone.
  • It accommodates Special Bent Headstock and Die-cast tuners which keeps the guitar in tune for a long time.
  • The slim neck profile makes this beast more consistent and easy to use.
  • Perfect for beginners even for an 11-year old kid.
  • Suitable for playing any type of songs and better when a pick and capo is used.
  • Premium Machine Heads are used.


  • Though the guitar is of good service, the beginners might face trouble playing barre chords for the bridge is too high.
  • Some tuning stability issues might arise because of the loose-felt tuners.
  • The flat sound sometimes might not be according to your desired quality.
  • The guitar requires constant tuning and changing the steel strings would produce better sound quality.
  • This guitar does not come with a case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a laminated or solid spruce top? What does “Select” spruce mean? Is it just an advertising term intended to mislead, or is it special?

This is a laminated spruce. The solid spruce is more expensive than the laminated ones. If you want to understand the difference between them then look for the wood pattern on the edge of the hole. If it extends into the hole then it’s probably solid. And the term “Select” here is nothing but just for advertising.

What type of replacement strings would be best?

If you are a beginner we would suggest a custom light, Martin strings. Well, we won’t say martin strings are the best but the idea is to use some light gauge strings. But if you are an intermediate guitarist or beyond that then martin medium will be suitable. Heavier gauge strings won’t be a trouble for you then at all.

What would be a good affordable case or gig bag to buy for this?

As the guitar does not come with a case, you definitely need to buy one to protect your Epiphone. A padded gig bag can be awesome for your guitar which might cost you around 25 bucks. If you have already received your guitar, then you might get the idea what we are talking about.


As the Epiphone Dr-100 review shows the stunning quality within a very limited budget you can definitely rely on this model undoubtedly. Though we appreciate it mostly as a beginner’s guitar, you are welcomed to use it for any purposes. Even if it gathers some drawbacks just like any other unmixed blessings, inevitably you can vanquish them by following the aforementioned strategies. But it is always up to you which you prefer the most.

We hereby recommend you this guitar with mostly a positive review. Have fun with playing this beauty and rock ‘n roll the way you’ve always wanted!

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