15 Easy Green Day Songs On Guitar [With Video Lessons]

Easy Green Day Songs On Guitar
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Huge-sounding, melodic, and energetic, Green Day songs manage to sound deceptively complex in many cases. Despite their enormous sonic presence and resounding melodies, though, many Green Day songs are actually quite easy to play on guitar. In keeping with punk pioneers like The Ramones and the Sex Pistols, Green Day songs rely heavily on power chords and open chords, making them ideal studies for beginner guitarists.

Learning easy Green Day songs on guitar is a good way for beginners to explore new strumming patterns, master the basic chords, and work on switching between chords quickly. It will also familiarize new guitarists with half-step tuning.

In the following, we’ll look at fifteen Green Day songs that are perfect for beginner-level guitarists. If you’re a beginner guitar player looking to expand your repertoire and learn some classic electric guitar riffs, check out the Green Day guitar tutorials and lesson tabs compiled below.

1. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

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The second single released off Green Day’s highly successful seventh studio album American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams proved another successful single for the band. A bittersweet power ballad, Boulevard serves the context of the overall “punk opera” as a thematic counterbalance to the manic Holiday.

Boulevard is an easy Green Day song to learn on guitar, but it may prove slightly more challenging than some other entries on our list. The song is easiest played in standard tuning, capo first-fret.

2. When I Come Around

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Released on January 31, 1995, When I Come Around proved an immensely popular single for Green Day. The tenth track of their third studio album, Dookie, Green Day had performed the song live as early as 1992. The single placed highly on several Billboard charts and is, to date, Green Day’s second-best selling single (after Good Riddance.)

Another very simple Green Day guitar song, When I Come Around is easiest to play with your guitar down-tuned one-half step and utilizing palm muting technique.

3. Basket Case

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The Grammy-nominated song Basket Case was the third single off Green Day’s first major label release and breakout third studio album, Dookie. Released in August of 1994, Basket Case enjoyed wild popularity, ultimately spending five weeks at the top of the US Billboard Alternative chart.

Though perhaps not as easy to play as some other Green Day songs, Basket Case is nonetheless a relatively simple guitar song. Basket Case is played tuned to standard with a capo on the first fret.

4. Wake Me Up When September Ends

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The fourth single off Green Day’s hugely popular American Idiot album, Wake Me Up When September Ends was released on June 13, 2005.

The acoustic ballad, which was written by Green Day front-man Billie Joe Armstrong about the death of his father, proved highly successful, peaking at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Wake Me Up When September Ends can be played in standard guitar tuning with no capo.

5. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

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You don’t need to be a Green Day fan, or even a fan of popular music, to be familiar with the band’s hit Good Riddance (Time of Your Life.) Released in December of 1997, the song was the second single off Green Day’s fifth studio album, Nimrod.

A departure from their signature punk sound, Good Riddance is a bittersweet acoustic ballad that has proven a fan favorite and one of Green Day’s most popular songs to date.

Good Riddance is one of the easiest Green Day songs to play on guitar and can be played in standard without a capo.

6. Warning

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As part of Green Days’ album Warning, this song stands out as a powerful reminder to avoid complacency and conformity. With a bouncy and upbeat rhythm, the song’s catchy melody and harmonies add to its charm.

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Released in 2000 as the title track of the album, Warning features only three chords and a simple chord progression in the key of D, making it a great choice for those looking to deviate from Green Day’s typical sound.

7. Ordinary World

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Next on our list of Green Day guitar songs suitable for beginners is Ordinary World, which appeared as the closing track on Green Day’s twelfth studio album, Revolution Radio.

Another easy Green Day song to play on guitar, Ordinary World is easiest played in standard tuning, capo seventh fret.

8. Brain Stew

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Another big hit for Green Day, Brain Stew was a single off the band’s fourth studio album, Insomniac, and was also included on the Godzilla soundtrack. A moderately paced song with a huge, memorable guitar riff, Brain Stew was released as a double-single with the song Jaded on July 3, 1996.

Even if you’ve only had a few guitar lessons, you’ll likely be able to play Brain Stew, easiest performed with your guitar tuned down one half-step.

9. American Idiot

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The first single off and title track of Green Day’s seventh studio album, American Idiot was another big hit for the band. Nominated for four 2005 Grammy Awards, the punk protest song enjoyed popular and critical success.

While there are easier Green Day songs to learn on guitar, American Idiot is still quite manageable; it is played tuned to standard with no capo.

10. 21 GUNS

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21 Guns was released as the second single off Green Day’s eighth studio album, 21st Century Breakdown. Peaking at number 22 on the US Billboard Hot 100, 21 Guns proved Green Day’s biggest hit since Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Though considered intermediate-level, the 21 Guns guitar part isn’t difficult, as it mainly utilizes standard tuning and no capo. However, the song does require the use of barre chords, adding a bit of complexity to the playing.

11. Holiday

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In the context of the album American Idiot, Holiday acts as a prelude to Boulevard of Broken Dreams; in terms of release date, Holiday served as the second single off the album, following Boulevard. A bouncy, energetic song, Holiday was released on March 14, 2005.

Easiest played in standard tuning with a capo on the first fret, Holiday may be slightly more difficult to tackle than some of the other easy songs on our list.

12. Welcome To Paradise

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Welcome To Paradise was a popular single off Green Day’s Dookie, but only hard-core fans know this version is a rerecord; the original appeared as track three on the Band’s second studio album, Kerplunk. The Dookie version was released in March of 1994 and peaked at number fifty-six on US Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Even raw beginners should be able to tackle the guitar part of this Green Day hit, which is easiest played with your guitar tuned down one-half step.

13. Longview

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Longview is a song from Green Day’s breakthrough album “Dookie” and is perhaps best known for its slow and groovy bassline that drives the song’s rhythm. The lyrics describe the feeling of boredom and apathy, reflecting the song’s laid-back structure.

Released in 1994, Longview was the band’s first single to reach #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart, and it remains a fan favorite to this day.

Like many Green Day songs, Longview is relatively easy to play on guitar, using power chords in the key of E with the guitar tuned a half step down. Despite its simplicity, the song’s infectious rhythm and catchy melody have made it a classic of the punk rock genre.

14. Know Your Enemy

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Released in 2009, Know Your Enemy is a politically charged punk rock anthem featured on Green Day’s album, “21st Century Breakdown”.

With its fast-paced beat, aggressive guitar riffs, and simple power chord progression in the key of A, Know Your Enemy calls for social awareness and activism, encouraging listeners to question authority and resist the status quo.

The song was a commercial success and received praise from both fans and critics for its energetic performance and catchy chorus.

15. Jesus Of Suburbia

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Jesus of Suburbia, the last single released off American Idiot, is named for the “punk opera’s” main character. Running just over nine minutes, this entry is Green Day’s longest single, and second-longest studio-recorded song.

More difficult to play than some other Green Day songs, Jesus of Suburbia should nonetheless be manageable for most players.

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