How to Clean an Acoustic Guitar (Most Effective Ways)

Caring for an instrument like an acoustic guitar goes far beyond using a simple cloth to wipe it down. In fact, a deep...
how to pack a guitar for flight

How to Pack a Guitar For Flight: Best and simple tips

What’s worse than forgetting your earphones back home? Leaving your best friend, your guitar, behind because you didn’t know how to pack....
Guitar tips

Guitar Tips: 10 Best Ways to Rock the World!

Learning guitar is not an easy task. At first, you will be extremely excited and will do the tasks sincerely. But, slowly you will...
how-to-toughen- fingertips

How To Toughen Fingertips For Guitar Playing?

The early few weeks of learning the guitar can be quite painful. Your fingers are still soft and you find it really hard to...

12 Tips for Guitarist to Stay Focused and Motivated

I suppose everyone has heard about the term, ’Writer’s Block.’ It is a popular notion where a writer goes through a phase when they...
Guitar maintenance

Guitar maintenance: Complete guide

The guitar you use to create that magical music is a compactly made complex instrument. The small dot-like parts on it might not look...
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