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How Long Does It Take to Learn Guitar? (Never Worry)

Lots of folks particularly beginners ask this common question before learning to play guitar, “how long does it take to learn guitar?” This can’t...

How Much Does A Good Acoustic Guitar Cost?

If you are in the market for a new guitar then you probably have noticed the wide range of the price. You can find...

How to Clean an Acoustic Guitar (Most Effective Ways)

Caring for an instrument like an acoustic guitar goes far beyond using a simple cloth to wipe it down. In fact, a deep...

Acoustic Guitar String Guide: Strings Explained!

Acoustic Guitar Strings The kind of strings your guitar uses tremendously affects how it sounds. So much that you could make an inexpensive guitar sound...
Playing Guitar with Small Hands

Playing Guitar with Small Hands and Chubby Fingers

What is the most common thing that beginners complain about? ‘Their Hands and fingers!’ I’ve been teaching guitar for the last 15 years and...
how to pack a guitar for flight

How to Pack a Guitar For Flight: Best and simple tips

What’s worse than forgetting your earphones back home? Leaving your best friend, your guitar, behind because you didn’t know how to pack....


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