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How to Clean an Acoustic Guitar (Most Effective Ways)

Caring for an instrument like an acoustic guitar goes far beyond using a simple cloth to wipe it down. In fact, a deep...

How to Use a Guitar Capo? (You Should Know!)

IntroductionIf you want to take that extra step to sound better and make playing the guitar more fun...

How to Tune an Acoustic Guitar

So we take it that you are learning to play the guitar and you are interested in learning how to tune your acoustic guitar.

Acoustic vs Classical Guitar: Addressing the dilemma

“So. . . . what do I choose for a beginner?” This has been the question and mystery of a lifetime for...

Acoustic vs Electric Guitar: A thorough guide for beginners

Guitars are a wonderful way to get your creative side to work. And choosing the right kind of guitar for your first...
how to pack a guitar for flight

How to Pack a Guitar For Flight: Best and simple tips

What’s worse than forgetting your earphones back home? Leaving your best friend, your guitar, behind because you didn’t know how to pack....


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