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Cordoba Coco Guitar Review

Cordoba Coco Guitar Review: Cordoba with Disney/Pixer

It's been a solid year since Disney and Pixar’s baby “Coco” came out. I remember going to see it in theatres with...
best acoustic guitar brands

Choose your favorite from best acoustic guitar brands

Every guitar player has their own choice about the best acoustic guitar brands, they have their own favorite guitar brands, and it...

Fender CD-60CE Review 2019!

Introduction Are you a beginner looking for your first guitar? Today, we are going to review the Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic Guitar. A little...

Epiphone Dr-100 Review (Divine Charmer for Beginners!)

Introduction There is no shortage of inexpensive acoustic guitars on the market. And among the variety of options available, not every guitar is good enough...


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