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Fender FA-100 Review

Fender FA-100 Review: Best Value Beginner Guitar

Introduction Who hasn’t heard of Fender? A brand with almost 75 years of history in making instruments, Fender has dazzled the public and professionals alike....
Cordoba Coco Guitar Review

Cordoba Coco Guitar Review: Cordoba with Disney/Pixer

It's been a solid year since Disney and Pixar’s baby “Coco” came out. I remember going to see it in theatres with...
best acoustic guitar brands

Choose your favorite from best acoustic guitar brands

Every guitar player has their own choice about the best acoustic guitar brands, they have their own favorite guitar brands, and it...

10 Best Guitars for Kids: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

When most kids are busy watching videos and learning nothing from it, parents are busy trying to find a productive hobby for their kids....
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