15 Best Zac Brown Band Songs That Resonate Across Generations

Top Zac Brown Band Songs

As a lifelong guitar player and avid music fan, I’ve always been drawn to the unique sound and heartfelt lyrics of the Zac Brown Band. With their blend of country, folk, and southern rock, they’ve created a musical style that is both instantly recognizable and deeply moving.

In this article, I’ll count down the top Zac Brown Band songs, ranked by their impact, popularity, and sheer musical brilliance. Zac Brown’s soulful vocals and the band’s virtuosic musicianship have earned them legions of devoted fans around the world.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to their music, this countdown is sure to introduce you to some of the most powerful, memorable, and downright fun songs in their discography.

So grab your favorite guitar, and get ready to discover (or rediscover) the magic of one of country music’s most beloved and innovative acts.

1. Chicken Fried

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Album: The Foundation (2008)

Zac Brown Band’s breakout hit “Chicken Fried” is a quintessential country song that perfectly captures the band’s blend of southern rock, folk, and country influences. After release, the song quickly rose to the top of the charts, becoming the band’s first number one hit on the Billboard Country Songs chart.

The lyrics of “Chicken Fried” are a celebration of simple pleasures – cold beer, Friday nights, and the comfort of well-worn jeans. But the song also touches on deeper themes of family, love, and appreciation for the sacrifices of those who serve in the military.

One fan raves, “This song helped me through Afghanistan, playing it every night to remind me of home, to get my mind off all the firefights.”

And with over 150 million views on YouTube, it’s clear that “Chicken Fried” has struck a chord with audiences around the world, making it one of the Zac Brown Band’s most popular songs.

2. Colder Weather

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Album: You Get What You Give (2010)

Zac Brown Band’s “Colder Weather” is a poignant country ballad that showcases the band’s musical depth and storytelling prowess. This second single from the album weaves a tale of longing and separation, with heartfelt lyrics that resonate with listeners on a personal level.

With 96 million views on YouTube, “Colder Weather” stands as the band’s second most beloved songs, capturing the essence of loneliness and yearning. Also, critics have praised its lyrical depth and old-school country feel, likening it to the style of Merle Haggard.

This song’s ability to evoke raw emotions and connect with fans on a profound level solidifies its place as a top 10 Zac Brown Band song, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking the true essence of country music.

3. Knee Deep

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Album: You Get What You Give (2010)

“Knee Deep” is a breezy, laid-back tune with strong island and country influences. Featuring the smooth vocals of Jimmy Buffett, the song transports listeners to a carefree paradise. Its infectious melody and relaxing vibes make it a famous song in the band’s repertoire.

The famous lyrics, “Wishing I was knee-deep in the water somewhere,” capture the longing for a simpler, stress-free life that resonates deeply with many. With over 65 million views on YouTube, it’s clear this song has struck a chord with fans.

Written by Zac Brown, Wyatt Durrette, Coy Bowles, and Jeffrey Steele, “Knee Deep” showcases the band’s signature blend of heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies. It’s a perfect example of why Zac Brown Band’s music remains so popular.

4. Toes

YouTube video

Album: The Foundation (2009)

Following the tropical vibes of “Knee Deep,” Zac Brown Band’s “Toes” takes us on another sun-soaked adventure.

This easy-listening track quickly became one of the band’s biggest hits, topping the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts and as of today, amassing over 56 million views on YouTube.

What sets “Toes” apart is its ability to transport listeners to a tropical paradise, thanks to the band’s masterful blend of country, rock, and island influence. The steel drums, laid-back tempo, and Brown’s smooth vocals create a sense of escapism that resonates with fans around the world.

5. As She’s Walking Away

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Album: You Get What You Give (2010)

This touching country ballad featuring the legendary Alan Jackson blends traditional country sounds with the band’s signature harmonies.

The lyrics, penned by Brown and Wyatt Durrette, tell the story of a man who lets a potential love slip away, filled with regret and longing. The collaboration with Alan Jackson adds a layer of classic country charm, making it a timeless piece.

After three months since its release, the track swiftly ascended the charts, ultimately reaching the top spot on the country charts and earning a Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.

It’s a must-listen for fans of the band and country music alike, a reminder that sometimes the greatest love stories are the ones that never had a chance to begin.

6. Sweet Annie

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Album: Uncaged (2013)

“Sweet Annie” is another heartfelt ballad that showcases the band’s soulful side. The song narrates a man’s plea for forgiveness and a second chance with his beloved Annie.

As Zac Brown sings, “Sweet Annie, I’m still in love with you,” the listener is transported to a world of bittersweet memories and the enduring power of love.

In this song, the band transcends the boundaries of country music, blending elements of folk, rock, and even gospel to create a truly unique and captivating sound.

“Sweet Annie,” from their Grammy-winning album “Uncaged,” is a prime example of their ability to infuse soul into every song while avoiding clichéd country themes.”

7. Goodbye in Her Eyes

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Album: Uncaged (2013)

This is a deeply emotional song that captures the heartache of recognizing a relationship’s end. The poignant line, “Sometimes I feel like a clown who can’t wash off his makeup,” is one of the most striking lyrics ever written, resonating with anyone who has loved the wrong person.

The song’s soulful melody and powerful storytelling earned it a Platinum Certificate from the RIAA in September 2017, with over 1 million units sold.

This ZBB track beautifully conveys the pain of seeing love fade away, making it a standout in the band’s discography. It’s a song that stays with you long after it ends, speaking to the universal experience of lost love.

8. Whatever It Is

YouTube video

Album: The Foundation (2009)

“Whatever It Is” by Zac Brown Band is a heartfelt love song that highlights the group’s knack for blending country with a touch of Southern rock. I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking how perfectly it captures the magic of love.

The song’s upbeat tempo and Brown’s smooth vocals create a sense of giddiness and excitement that mirrors the feeling of new love. It’s a testament to the power of music to express the complexities of the human heart.

The song, released on their debut album, quickly became a favorite among fans and one of the band’s most enduring tracks. Its relatable message about falling head over heels in love resonates deeply with listeners.

9. Highway 20 Ride

YouTube video

Album: The Foundation (2009)

“Highway 20 Ride” is a poignant ballad that captures the bittersweet reality of a divorced father driving to see his son. The melancholic melody, driven by acoustic guitar and steel drums, creates a sense of wistfulness that lingers long after the final notes.

The song, co-written by Zac Brown and Wyatt Durrette, beautifully illustrates the sacrifices and love involved in maintaining family connections across distances. I remember driving on a long road trip when this song came on, and it made me reflect on my own family ties.

The song’s relatable message and masterful storytelling have earned it a special place in the hearts of Zac Brown Band fans, solidifying its status as one of the group’s most beloved and impactful tracks.

10. Free

YouTube video

Album: The Foundation (2009)

“Free” is a soul-stirring ballad that captures the essence of true freedom through love and simplicity. With its smooth blend of country and soul music, the song creates a timeless feel that never gets old.

The lyrics celebrate the beauty of living freely with a loved one, without material constraints. A memorable live performance video featuring Joey and Rory was released on CMT in May 2010, showcasing the band’s ability to perform this song with heartfelt emotion.

I recall watching this performance and feeling a deep connection to its message of simple, unfettered love. “Free” remains another standout track in their catalog, reminding listeners of the power of love and freedom.

11. Same Boat

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Album: The Comeback (2021)

“Same Boat” is a feel-good anthem that calls for unity and kindness in a divided world. The song’s catchy melody and uplifting message remind us that we’re all in this together.

The lyrics, “If you can’t be nice then don’t say nothing at all,” resonate deeply, especially in today’s challenging times. The song received a Gold Certificate from the RIAA in April 2023, a testament to its popularity, with 0.5 million units sold through digital sales and streaming.

Listening to this song always lifts my spirits and makes me think of how music can bring people together. This is the kind of world we need now, where everyone is kind and supportive.

12. My Old Man

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Album: Welcome Home (2017)

Dedicated to all fathers, both living and passed, this touching tribute resonates deeply with anyone who has lost a dad or grandfather, offering a comforting promise of reunion someday.

The song’s heartfelt lyrics and classic country sound remind us of the band’s roots. The song earned a Gold Certificate from the RIAA in June 2018, with 0.5 million digital units sold.

Hearing “My Old Man” always brings back memories of my own father, reminding me of the lessons he taught and the legacy he left behind. This track is a beautiful return to ZBB’s smooth, relaxing country sound, free from modern pop influences.

13. Homegrown

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Album: Jekyll + Hyde (2015)

“Homegrown” is a feel-good anthem that celebrates the simple joys of life. With its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus, this track is impossible to listen to without tapping your foot and singing along.

Released to great acclaim, it quickly became the most bought country song of the week, with approximately 75,000 copies sold. In January 2020, the song achieved 2x Platinum certification from the RIAA and has since amassed nearly 25 million views on YouTube.

One memorable performance was when Shawn Mendes joined the Zac Brown Band on CMT Crossroads in 2018. This song’s down-to-earth vibe and infectious energy never get old, reminding us of the beauty in everyday moments.

14. Keep Me in Mind

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Album: You Get What You Give (2010)

“Keep Me in Mind” stands out with its fun, funky vibe that critics have described as jam-band like and great sounding. Certified Platinum by the RIAA in 2017, this track has sold over a million digital units.

It’s a song that resonates with anyone who has ever yearned for someone they couldn’t have, capturing that bittersweet feeling perfectly. I remember hearing it live and being struck by how much better it sounded than the album version, a testament to Zac Brown Band’s real, raw talent.

This song’s infectious groove and heartfelt lyrics make it a staple in their live performances, embodying the essence of what makes country music so special.

15. Loving You Easy

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Album: Jekyll + Hyde (2015)

Have you ever heard a song that just makes you smile and want to dance? “Loving You Easy,” the final song in our ZBB top tracks, does just that.

With its perky instrumentation, soul, funk, and a sprinkle of fiddle, it’s no wonder this track earned a Platinum Certificate from the RIAA in 2020. The bass riff adds a rich, full sound that complements the song’s joyful vibe.

Fans love the ’70s feel it brings, describing it as a song that always lifts their spirits. Zac Brown Band truly captures the essence of a loving, caring partner, making this track a perfect end to our list.

Final Words

This compilation of the best Zac Brown Band songs offers a glimpse into the band’s remarkable journey through heartfelt melodies and soulful storytelling. From the iconic “Chicken Fried” to the infectious energy of “Loving You Easy,” each track embodies the essence of the band’s musical brilliance.

As fans eagerly anticipate their new album, these best songs stand as a testament to their enduring legacy. With their greatest hits so far, ZBB continues to captivate audiences with their unparalleled talent and authenticity.

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